From 2011 to present I’ve been writing about various aspects of the Ghostbusters franchise here, Ghostbusters International, my personal site, iRich, and if it suited my fancy (what century is this?) Ghostbusters Firehouse. With running multiple Ghostbusters web sites and looking ahead it makes sense to at least try to have one Ghostbusters site for anything Ghostbusters related I’d want to write about. Since I pay for ecto-containment, this feels like the right place to do that.

Any Ghostbusters content that I had previously written about “off site” has been moved to Ecto-Containment as of August 26, 2016.


Ghostbusters Media


Proton Pack Replica


Ghostbusters Apparel

Ghostbusters Food Stuff

LEGO Ghostbusters Set

I Feel So Funko

I Collect…

Fake Electronic Light Show (Event Write Ups/Wrap Ups)


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