Real Episode Reviews


The earliest reviews were this “play by play” format as I watched an episode. Dispersed throughout are my thoughts and observations. In order to review an episode in how I thought made sense to me would take 2 or more hours of my time. Even if I never had anything else to do, I wouldn’t want to review 140 episodes this way.

Beginning with Mrs. Rogers Neighborhood I dropped a complete review for more of a thoughts and observations format.

It Just Popped In There:

  • Thoughts and comments on an episode.

It’s Technical:

  • Technical references in an episode about The Real Ghostbusters equipment.
    You’ll need a reference: Facts and/or trivia from an episode. Additional references could include Nerd Talk.


  • Something characters said I like and/or adds to the episode review.

Tobin’s Spirit Guide:

  • Quotes from an entry of Tobin’s Spirit Guide.

Not For Sale:

  • “Product placement” from an episode.

Sorry, I Missed It: 

  • Mistakes, known as goofs from an episode. When goofs are referenced it’s done with nostalgic love.

Each episode will also list which DVD or disc of The Real Ghostbusters complete collection from Time Life Video it can be viewed from.