Terrible Teeth


Kenner employees must have been really tired of coming up with The Real Ghostbusters ghosts by 1990. Or they were just tired.

A year earlier Kenner had already released classic Monster figures for The Real Ghostbusters. And Gobblin’ Goblins were also monsters…so not ghosts.

“Lazy” monsters at that. Sitting around, waiting for Power Pack The Real Ghostbusters to walk on by.


Terrible Teeth actually has some pretty good dental hygiene. This creature, (so not a monster?) appears to have a day job impersonating an orange. On the off chance Power Pack Ray is near by it will show why produce is the one who will do the snacking!

Kenner told kids if Heroes aren’t careful, Terrible Teeth will “chomp” on them. Why wouldn’t The Real Ghostbusters be careful? The box should have read The Real Ghostbusters have their equipment as they’re careful around unknown ghost toys named after goblins.