Before Kenner sold the real ghostbusting essentials ie: proton pack, ghost trap they came out with a projector toy. Which seemed more common in the 1980s then today.

GhostZapper is a “creative light and sound” toy. How could a kid (without a proton pack yet) not like a toy that resembled a nutrona wand, project ghosts, and make sounds that had to bother anyone older then eleven?


How did a GhostZapper work? It required two “C” batteries and one 9V battery. Remember those? Batteries weren’t included naturally. Kenner did include a built in replaceable light bulb for less hassle to parents and to keep kids safe.

GhostZapper also included a film cartridge. When the cartridge wheel is inserted into GhostZapper 6 ghost images (one at a time of course) could be projected onto pretty much any surface. Ghosts included Slimer, Stay-Puft, Gozer, (yes Gozer, sweet right?) Terror Dog, a large skull head, and get this Slug!

If projecting Gozer onto a wall wasn’t enough, the GhostZapper included a small button you could press back and forth to animate each slide. Mainly the mouth or eyes. A knob on the side of GhostZapper can be set to one of four “zapping” sounds. When the trigger is pressed the ghostly images appear and the zapping sounds are heard.

As a bonus kids, well parents could send away for a second, different film cartridge that included three more ghosts from The Real Ghostbusters (Ghash, “Little Troll,” Bus Driver) and three unknown ghosts.



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