P.K.E Meter

This should have been an 80s “3D” poster.

This should have been an 80s “3D” poster.

I don’t know if it’s the way toy companies have evolved since the 1980s or it’s my perception of companies as a toy collector. Kenner could have easily sold the P.K.E Meter separately. Fortunately for kids they included the P.K.E Meter (and the armband) with the Proton Pack.

Ever since I saw how the P.K.E Meter and Penny’s computer book (high five if you know what I’m talking about) work I wanted one. Not surprising since both cartoons came from D.I.C in some capacity the screens were animated similarly.

The P.K.E Meter Kenner created wasn’t exactly like its cartoon counterpart. The antenna “sensors” didn’t move up and down. Probably to prevent them from breaking. Also it appears Kenner used a similar mold as the Ecto-Headphones. The antenna could spin by rotating the red wheel back and forth on the back of the P.K.E Meter.

The P.K.E’s only other moving part was its red dial. Like in The Real Ghostbusters kids and thirty somethings can turn the dial (which clicks with a purpose) to change the frequency of the ghosts you’re chasing. The three blue knobs can’t turn and are part of how the P.K.E Meter was built. I’d like to think if Kenner had sold the P.K.E Meter separately the blue knobs would have had actual functions. Just as well since their “real” functions would have never been as good as my, I mean kids imaginations.


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