During Ghosts ‘R Us for a reason unknown until about half way through the episode The Real Ghostbusters have a convertible helicopter known as ECTO-2 in the rear of Ecto-1.

As an adult my opinion is Ecto-2 was originally created as a major plot device for this episode only. Since the writers created it and after The Real Ghostbusters built a new one (with eventual upgrades) we would see Ecto-2 used an additional 13 times throughout the series!


I remember Ecto-2 as a favorite vehicle when I was a kid. How could you not love a helicopter that can drive?

The toy version like its cartoon counter part had folding propellers and wings that could move up or down for either “flying” or “driving.”

Ecto-2 has a handle with a trigger. When you squeeze it the propellers rotate. The convertible helicopter also has a built in winch. A word that could make a kid want to look in an oversized dictionary.

When the winch is in “operation” (by squeezing the trigger) it can lift a hero figure to safety. Or so the box reads. Unlike its cartoon counter part their is only one seat. Kenner either overlooked this major detail or wanted to keep the price reasonable. I don’t think scale factored into it.

If their isn’t a second seat how can a hero figure use his proton pack? That’s where the Ghost Eliminator comes in. It’s a modified nutrona wand mounted beneath Ecto-2. Flying a convertible helicopter and busting ghosts takes precision. Otherwise you will blow your only front tire up. Kenner should have really included a spare.



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