Nutrona Blaster

The Nutrona Blaster seemed like Kenner’s idea of a reinvented Proton Pack years before Extreme Ghostbusters had to be different and do just that. Imagine if Egon and Ray had figured out a way to get rid of ghosts with a proton stream, no actual pack needed, and a Ghost Trap wasn’t required.

Interesting idea that was explored in The Real Ghostbusters. ie: Robo-Buster. Thing is ectoplasmic mass (the entire ghost) can’t be destroyed, only changed.* Fortunately for kids this is only a fun toy. Whew!

To use a Nutrona Blaster kids would insert the wavy ice colored foam proton stream with a twisting motion. This is the type of foam beam that should have come with the Proton Pack. Turning the handle on the side spins the Nutrona beam. Then kids could “zap” any ghosts making them disappear.

*Source: Egon Spengler


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