Ecto-Goggles & Ecto Popper Photos


On August 14, 2013 Mattel’s adult collector brand Matty Collector began selling their Ghostbusters™ movie style Ecto-Goggles™ with all its techno goodness. With ghostheads and other collectors following those Ecto-Goggles just about every step of the way and possibly waiting for their orders wanted to show ghostheads in detail that another well known toy company already made and sold Eco-Goggles more then 25 years ago.

I’ve owned two Kenner Ecto-Goggles/Ecto-Popper since 2011. Neither were mint in box and it took buying two of them (not the original plan) to make my current and only Ecto-Goggles as complete as possible. Neither toy or inserts were in any plastic bagging. I’m pretty sure Kenner once included a paper instructions sheet for them. What I’ve done is try to recreate an un-boxing experience how I could so we could enjoy Kenner’s Ecto-Goggles, even long after we may own Matty Collector’s version.

I scanned each side of the original box. As an added bonus you can print out Mr. Stay-Puft for collectibility or to use with your own Kenner toys and prop replicas.

ectogogspop ectogogspopback

 ectogogspoptop ectogogspopbot

ectogogspopside ectogogspopside2

fullectogoggles fullectopopper

ectogogglesfront ectogogglesrightside

ectogogglesleftside ectogogglesback

ectogoggleswithpoppers ectopoppertop

ectopopperightside ectopopperfrontpopper

ectopopperbot ectopgogspopinserts



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