Roleplaying Toys

Why should The Real Ghostbusters have all the fun catching ghosts? Kids couldn’t or didn’t always want to play with their first series hero figures. Kenner had it covered and from 1986 until the early ‘90s sold thirteen* roleplaying toys.

  1. Ecto-Headphones  Instructions
  2. Ghost Nabber  Instructions
  3. GhostZapper – Instructions
  4. Ghost Popper
  5. Ecto-Goggles & Ecto-Popper
  6. P.K.E Meter
  7. Proton Pack  Instructions
  8. Ghost Trap  Instructions
  9. Ghost Spooker  Instructions
  10. Nutrona Blaster
  11. WaterZapper
  12. Ecto-Blaster
  13. Ghost Grab-A-Meter  Instructions
  14. Ecto-Charger Pack  Instructions

*I wrote about the P.K.E Meter separately.


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