Fright Features Ray


When I was ten I would have had the US card for Fright Features Ray. As a collector a couple decades later I came across a popular auction site seller from Great Britain who had a case of Fright Features Ray Stantz. That’s a mystery which asks questions which can’t provide answers. Why did a toy retailer in 1988 not sell a case full of hair raisin’ Ray Stantz figures?

I just don’t know. I do know I was able to buy one and wait two weeks for a 23 year old figure to cross the Atlantic ocean.

The UK cards had a different title graphic from its US counterpart. I don’t mind it, though a little more color would have been nice. Based on Fright Features Ray Stantz features, the zapping graphic is perfect.


Fright Features Ray came with a Fork Lift accessory. The perfect real Ghostbusters tool to catch the aptly named Jail Jaw ghost.

We know Ray has confidence, it’s a figure that was designed to frighten easily. That it does with hair raising, ears popping out like a classic cartoon character, and eyes appearing to get bigger.

Kenner didn’t make a big deal out of this, Fright Features Ray also proudly showed off its “no ghost” logo t-shirt.