ECTO-Bomber had to be the last toy vehicle Kenner produced and sold in 1990. When I first started seeing these on-line around 1998 I didn’t remember their ever being a World War II like bomber plane in The Real Ghostbusters.

Ecto-Bomber appeared only once with quite a story during the 6 season episode, The Slob. The name wasn’t mentioned in the episode. It was created for the toy and most of its features made it to the cartoon version.

Trivia: In the unaired pilot of The Real Ghostbusters a skeleton ghost can be seen flying a similar bomber.


If my parents hadn’t been spending their hard earned money on TMNT vehicles made the same year I would have really wanted Ecto-Bomber. Years later I would finally own a mint in box version from Canada with both English and French writing on the box. Is Power Pack Janine wing surfing?


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