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Handy Disclaimer: Most screencaps come from Kiss Me Goodbye. With a few exceptions that are also credited. I saved a small amount of screen caps, uploading them on Ecto-Containment for my review. If they need to be removed, email me at spengs @ ecto-containment dot com.

Location: NYC Streets (At An Impasse)

Similar Location To Ghostbusters: When Slimer was preparing for the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest in a NYC street vendors food cart.


Thoughts: Remember when ghost Rowan was destroying equipment such as the Proton Packs? Good thing they had other equipment, presumably in ECTO-1.


  • “All right, let’s clear a path.” – Abby Yates
  • “You guys, this looks like my kitchen.” – Jillian Holtzmann

[meeting Onionhead for the first time]

  • “What the hel* is that thing?” – Abby Yates
  • [as he’s flying away] “Burps, groaning, laughs.” – Onionhead
  • “Hey, hey! Oh, really? Did you leave the keys in the car?” – Abby Yates

Thoughts: I didn’t mind ‘Slimer’ being apart of Ghostbusters: ATC. The character is iconic to Ghostbusters. Introducing this version with its favorite thing to do and referencing Ghostbusters was fine. Better than just completely “ripping off” Ghostbusters and having ‘Slimer’ be the first ghost they catch.

Also, I didn’t know he had his license.


  • “My uncle is gonna be pis*ed.” – Patty Tolan
  • Okay, light him up!” – Abby Yates
  • “No, don’t shoot. The equipment on top of that is basically a nuclear reactor.” – Jillian Holtzmann

Thoughts: Yeah, they need that car, especially today. Should the green car thief be something they’re wasting their time with?

Oh, and a nuclear reactor? The city must love that.

Location: Times Square/Mercado Hotel (Exterior)

Similar Location To Ghostbusters: 55 Central Park West



  • “Yo, was Thanksgiving like Halloween back in the 1920s?” – Patty Tolan
  • “Uh-oh. I just made eye contact.” – Jillian Holtzmann
  • “With the balloon?” – Abby Yates
  • “Yeah, straight down the barrel.” – Jillian Holtzmann
  • “Let’s pop some balloons!” – Abby Yates


Thoughts: I had more of a problem with using both Stay-Puft, (where did this come from anyway, was the Stay-Puft brand around during the ’20s?) and it in a similar way as to Ghostbusters. Compared to ‘Slimer,’ it felt more forced. I would have preferred if Stay-Puft had to be used, it could have been as some small easter egg reference.

Quotes: “Aw, women. Always late. Probably couldn’t decide which dirty jumpsuit to wear.” Let’s give them a proper New York welcome, shall we? Welcome to the glory days of New York City. – ghost Rowan


Ghostbusters Reference: Hostess Twinkies, both a snack food and a reference tool when describing BIG ghosts. Hostess made Key Lime Twinkies and White Fudge Marshmallow Twinkies during Ghostbusters: ATC promotion.

Thoughts: Maybe its because ghost Rowan could, I don’t quite get why (or how) he Disneyed Times Square to revert to earlier time periods. Yes, this means there are more ghosts, it isn’t like the Ghostbusters can’t deal with them.


  • “Guys, you all have your sidearms. I suggest you use them.” – Jillian Holtzmann
  • “Okay, power up.” – Abby Yates

Quote: “Oh, impressive.” – ghost Rowan

Thoughts: I don’t know if dangerous ghost busting equipment should be used in those ways. With that many ghosts, form over function kinda thing.

Also, when did Ghostbusters become a martial arts movie?

[Approaching the Mercado]


  • “This is weird.” – Abby Yates
  • “It sure is.” – Jillian Holtzmann
  • “Hey, why y’all like this? Something’s up man.” – Patty Tolan

Thoughts: After ghost Rowan, (which we previously saw) posed all these nice service people they were going to dance. The dance scene was filmed and not used during the movie. It was decided to use the dance scene as a kind of closer in the end credits.

Without knowing that, all these people not moving gives off a creepy vibe.

Quote: “Yeah, great work fellas.” – Abby Yates


Quote: “Well that thing’s having the time of its life.” – Abby Yates

Thoughts: This ‘Onionhead’ seems to be more sociable then the one we’ve normally known. Picked up some friends along with lady Slimer.

Ghostbusters (II) Reference: Lady Slimer is voiced by Robin Shelby. Robin Shelby played Slimer (in actual costume) in Ghostbusters II.

Thoughts: I wondered why Lady Slimer had hair when I saw Ghostbusters: ATC in theaters. Besides the distinction from Slimer, I read (though not official) her look is based off the character ‘Babs,’ played by Martha Smith in Animal House.

Which is in itself is a tie in to Ghostbusters as Harold Ramis also co-wrote that film. One of its stars was John Belushi. His character is somewhat the basis for Onionhead.

I’m happy that Robin Shelby is part of Ghostbusters: ATC. Before ghostheads knew she was going to be I thought she could have been in it for example as a customer at the Chinese restaurant.

Location: Mercado Hotel (Lobby)



  • “Oh, Kevin!” – Abby Yates
  • “Ah, is that what this thing’s name is? He seemed more like a Chet to me.” – ghost Rowan
  • …but it’s time you hopped out. We like him, despite his many, many frustrating quirks.” – Abby Yates


  • “What form would you prefer I take?” – ghost Rowan
  • “I prefer something nice and cute, like a friendly little ghost.”

Thoughts: Hm, is that a reference to Casper?


 Thoughts: I might have rolled my eyes some in the theater as the movie went from “friendly little ghost” to animated “no ghost” logo. It did finally make sense from the trailers and merchandise as to how (and why) their is an evil ghost version of the Ghostbusters logo.

How can Rowan in paranormal form take on that much mass? Hope they’re taking notes.

Quote: “Okay, this is not good.” – Abby Yates

Location: Portal Opening



  • “Oh…this is bad. We need to reversal the portal. It’s going to take an insane amount of energy.” – Abby Yates

Thoughts: Where have I heard something similar before?



  • “Yo, what about that nuclear thing on top of the car?” – Patty Tolan
  • “If we can get those reactors super-critical inside the vortex, the beta radiation could 180 the polarity.” – Jillian Holtzmann

Thoughts: Wait for it because you knew it was coming…

  • “Causing a total protonic reversal.” – Erin Gilbert

Thoughts: Honestly the previous line should have been enough and at this point (unless it wasn’t scripted) its referencing Ghostbusters when it didn’t really need to.

Also, no way Allstate is going to cover ECTO-1 getting sucked into a spirit world!


Quote: Abby, hang on! I’m coming!” – Erin Gilbert

Thoughts: Conveniently that tow cable is as long as it needs to be to keep Erin Gilbert anchored to save Abby Yates. Could really use that protonic reversal thing about now.


Thoughts: Even with the 180º reversing the polarity it also undoes all the damage to NYC property? Seems hard to believe when we’ve been suspending disbelief that ghosts are real and they can be caught.

Also, why would Drs. Gilbert and Yates hair turn white? Was it the nuclear explosion combined with the reversal in the portal?


  • “Oh, my gosh! Uh…what year is it?” – Erin Gilbert
  • “It’s 2040.” – Jillian Holtzmann
  • “What?” – Abby Yates
  • “Our president is a plant.” –  Jillian Holtzmann
  • “Oh, my God!” – Abby Yates
  • “I’m kidding. You were gone two seconds.” –  Jillian Holtzmann

Thoughts: Art imitating life.


  • “That’s right. We all did it.” – Kevin
  • “What did you do Kevin?” – Patty Tolan

Thoughts: Are they still glad they saved Kevin? I’m kidding. Where is everyone going?

It’s good to see he’s basically back to his old self. Also, I know its NYC. What deli was going to be open when, ya know the world was ending?

The Cover Up


Thoughts: A politician through and through who of course is going to have plausible deniability. Even though millions of people did or eventually saw (technology!) what happened.

Location: NYC Restaurant



  • “We want to thank you for your discretion. It’s not working at all, but thank you. Actually, we’d like you to continue to study this subject, fully funded. Whatever you need going forward.” – Jennifer Lynch

Thoughts: NYC, (or at least this NYC) has come a long way in 30+ years in how they treat Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters were sued, forced out of business, and as we learned in Ghostbusters II not paid by the mayor’s office.

Being fully funded, it’s time to move to better quarters.

Location: Ghostbusters Firehouse (Minus any kind of iconic plastic sign)


Thoughts: As ghostheads, if the city paid for you to live and work out of H&L8, who wouldn’t want to at least have that opportunity?



  • “Is that…?” – Erin Gilbert
  • “Patty’s uncle.” – Abby Yates
  • “Where is it?” – Uncle
  • “What are you talking about? I told you what happened.” – Patty Tolan
  • “Where’s the car?” – Uncle
  • “It’s on the other side.” – Patty Tolan
  • “In Jersey?” – Uncle

Thoughts: I know they’re cameos, who didn’t want to see Ernie Hudson have a bigger part? He loves Ghostbusters and this town. As I established, I’m from Jersey, I laughed.

Also, flapjacks was the (worse kept) secret title as to what was being filmed when Ghostbusters: ATC was in production.




  • “Hey, how’s this containment unit?” – Abby Yates
  • “Oh, that?” Oh, that’s going real smooth.” – Jillian Holtzmann
  • “Uh, I just would say don’t be in a room with it for more than an hour at a time.” – Jillian Holtzmann



  • “This is my mentor, Dr. Rebecca Corin.” – Jillian Holtzmann
  • “This is reckless, Jillian. All someone has to do is sneeze too hard and everyone in this building is going to disintegrate.” – Dr. Rebecca Corin
  • “It’s completely unstable.” – Jillian Holtzmann
  • “Do we need this safety light?” – Dr. Rebecca Corin
  • Safety lights are for dudes.” – Jillian Holtzmann

Thoughts: Overall, not a bad cameo by Sigourney Weaver. Before Ghostbusters: ATC was filmed and I thought these Ghostbusters would be starting a business I thought it could be funny if Sigourney Weaver had played a banker approving a loan for them. She would have asked what business they were really starting. They would have told them and she could have said something like, “Well good luck with that.”

Also, yes we all need safety lights. It is what keeps people safe out in society! Though I suppose an argument could be made if the Ghostbusters didn’t have safety lights Wally Wick couldn’t have shut down the Containment Unit.

With Ms. Weaver’s cameo, we’re reminded that other Ghostbusters alumni didn’t want to or weren’t asked to be in Ghostbusters: ATC. Cameos can be a balance. I would have said if this is the only new Ghostbusters film ever made, yes have some more, if it made movie and real life sense.

Post Credit Scene


Photo Source: Fan Caps


  • “What is it, did you get something?” – Erin Gilbert
  • “Yeah, I heard something really weird. What’s Zuul?” – Patty Tolan

Thoughts: If this scene was seriously set up to sorta remake Ghostbusters again I wouldn’t want a sequel to go in that direction. I would take a second “wait and see approach.” As ghostheads we know what Zuul means, we can vividly see Ghostbusters in our heads.

This scene was filmed for fun, one last major Ghostbusters reference. A sequel doesn’t have to use this scene as a set up for any future Ghostbusters movie. I think what’s been re-established in a different way could take some of those things and create a new story for Ghostbusters and ghostheads in generations to come.

Ghostbusters: Answer The Call