Their’s only so many times The Real Ghostbusters can capture mini ghosts. Knowing this, Kenner planned ahead. In 1986 they released the first series ghost figures.

Carded Figures

  1. Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man
  2. Green Ghost
  3. Bug-Eye Ghost
  4. H2Ghost
  5. Bad-To-The Bone Ghost

In 1987 Kenner began releasing four larger ghosts as part of the Gooper Ghost line. These four ghosts came in boxes instead of being packaged in a card. Each figure came with 5 ounces of Ecto-plazm™ “play gel” and in the case of Banshee Bomber a play mat..

Gooper Ghosts

  1. Squisher
  2. Banshee Bomber
  3. Sludge Bucket
  4. Green Ghost

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