Bug-Eye Ghost


After Mr. Stay-Puft and Green Ghost Kenner sold parents on a ghost that pops an eye out, a ghost that squirts water, and a large skeleton that captures a hero figure in its rib cage.

It didn’t matter that none of these figures were in The Real Ghostbusters. Kids needed more ghost figures for the hero figures to battle. That’s what was important. Despite not being in the series these figures would have been more fun then the early The Real Ghostbusters ghosts.

You couldn’t have had as much fun with a Slug figure for example. Actually it is surprising Kenner didn’t make a Slug figure which was in two episodes, Ghosts ‘R Us and X-Mas Marks The Spot. Plus was used, maybe in a generic way in other The Real Ghostbusters products. If I knew what a petition was in 1986 I would have started one for a Slug figure.


Bug-Eye ghost can pop its cyclops eye out by hitting it on the middle of the back. The ping pong sized eyeball is attached to a red cord. Either arm of Bug-Eye can be raised to hold its own eyeball! To replace it push the cord and eyeball back into the “eye socket.”


2 thoughts on “Bug-Eye Ghost

  1. I have Bug Eye and I have to say that I’ve always loved him! When the figures came out I quickly fell in love with the little ghost companion figures but I was a little bummed that the Slimer figure was so large since in the movie he was way smaller but when Bug Eye came out I loved him! He hadn’t been in the movie so his size wasn’t an issue and he was fantastic. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that I found out that he actually made it in the cartoon.

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    • Bug Eye was a favorite of mine too. Oh who am I kidding, they were all awesome! 🙂 With Slimer or Green Ghost as I’ve written about I wondered (at least in adulthood) about the scale. A couple of decades later N.E.C.A, then Matty Collector would make Slimer(s) that were more to its scale in Ghostbusters.

      I’ve also said this before, (and it hardly mattered in childhood) I wonder why Kenner didn’t make more toys based on the ‘ghosts’ The Real Ghostbusters fought during The Real Ghostbusters.


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