The Ecto-Blaster may have been the most realistic The Real Ghostbusters weapon Kenner ever made. It had similarities to a gun and can quickly fire a type of projectile without reloading.


Ecto-Blaster has four soft-tip “Ecto-Plazm” plastic pellets. A kid friendly way of saying bullets. After kids remove the stopper plug they could insert 4 pellets into the loading chamber. Like the safety of a real weapon Ecto-Blaster had a lockout button located on the back of the loading chamber. Kids can push down on the lockout button to store the ectoplasmic pellets.

With Ecto-Blaster loaded kids can pull back the black handle and fire it by pushing the handle in and out. This pumping action creates the pressure to shoot out up to four multiple soft-tip ectoplasmic pellets. Kenner included cardboard ghost targets like they did with Ghost Popper and Ecto-Popper. Additional “holders” are included to make your own ghosts.


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