Retro-Action Citizen Ghost Peter


For some semi good reason Mattel decided to make a slightly different Retro-Action figure, a Peter Venkman from the first season episode Citizen Ghost. Citizen Ghost is a cartoon sequel episode to the Ghostbusters movie, it’s also an unofficial pilot of sorts to how a Ghostbusters cartoon became known as The Real Ghostbusters. A flashback shows The Real Ghostbusters coming back to a badly damaged firehouse wearing their Ghostbusters uniforms with marshmallow “stains” still on them. Fortunately before the guys went off to fight Gozer the new colorful uniforms had arrived.

This Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters Peter has a khaki (movie style) flightsuit. I appreciate that Mattel didn’t just copy Ray’s flightsuit who normally wore the closest color uniform to the film during The Real Ghostbusters. That may be a reason Retro-Action Ray has different khaki color clothing.

Retro-Action Citizen Ghost Peter includes an accurate Ghostbusters proton pack. It even has the right number of cyclotron lights, just like the movie.



Both Retro-Action Citizen Ghost Peters include a sound chip with quotes from the episode. Instead of just using the actual dialogue, a different person tries to match Lorenzo Music.



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