Matty Collector Neutrino Wand

The last time I owned a particle thrower that had lights and could vibrate was during the early 2000s. My prop Proton Pack replica and its accompanying wand didn’t have sound. During the 16th anniversary of Ghostbusters, that didn’t matter. I had a real Proton Pack and could become a Ghostbuster once again. Sometime during the early 2000s something went wrong and the pack has never worked correctly again. In recent years their has been a gradual process to repair and restore my pack. Their has been talk of rewiring, it could be costly.

When Mattel announced their latest prop toy would have lights, sounds, a motor, and vibrate at a reasonable price, I became intrigued. Because of how they control a collectors market, being “sold out” within days when we all know they aren’t, and the odd shipping company they use I didn’t know if I wanted to go through that again. While I could have budgeted better, with the tax and s/h, Matty Collector was the least expensive to buy the wand from. It’s unfortunate in a way ordering from them comes with risk.

The risk personally came from the shipping process. With Christmas coming up, some delays were understandable. I chose UPS on December 17, 2013 to try to avoid the problems I had with receiving Matty Collector’s Ecto Goggles. Within 24 hours of receiving a shipping email with a tracking number, it hadn’t updated. My Neutrino Wand actually shipped through USPS on December 19, 2013. Even talking to Digital River twice two different days, no one knew about the actual tracking. I was somewhat surprised when my mailman delivered the Neutrino Wand on Friday, December 27, 2013.

Since then I’ve had time to use the Matty Collector Neutrino Wand, go over it, and take about 40 photos (the actual number might be 38) to share through Ectocontainment. The photos are from a second un boxing. If you haven’t seen the Matty Collector Neutrino Wand previously, hopefully most of my photos show the details.


neutrinowandboxopen neutrinowandmailerbox neutrinowandcratebox

neutrinowandcrateboxside neutrinowandwarninglabel neutrinowandwarninglabel2

neutrinowandinstructions neutrinowandnew insideneutrinowandbox

Neutrino Wand

neutrinowandunwrapped neutrinowandhandleleft

neutrinowandfakeweld neutrinowandgreenwire neutrinowandintensifyactivate

neutrinowandanger neutrinowandtechlabel

neutrinowandtop neutrinowandclippard

neutrinowandgrip neutrinowandheatsink

neutrinowandclippardside neutrinowandtip

neutrinowandbarrel neutrinowandsensor


Neutrino Wand Track/V Hook/Battery Compartment

neutrinowandvhook neutrinowandtrack neutrinowandquantum

Neutrino Wand Operation

neutrinowandredled neutrinowandprotonindicator neutrinowandorangeled

Heat ’em Up

neutrinowandbarrelextended neutrinowandventlights neutrinowandstreamdial

“Proton” Streams

neutrinowandstreams neutrinowandfullstream


Ectocontainment Neutrino Wand review.


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