Their wouldn’t be official toys until The Real Ghostbusters began airing in September 1986. From almost the beginning through the series run in 1991 toy company Kenner (owned by Hasbro since 1991) produced Hero toy lines, different types of ghosts lines, vehicles, a play set, role paying sets, and ghost busting toys. Their were also other lines that went unreleased.

I’ve written about The Real Ghostbusters toys I personally own. This includes the first hero and ghost figures, the plushes, play sets, all the vehicles, role playing toys, and more.

Their are also scanned from the source and restored instructions for the majority of the toy lines.

Handy Disclaimer: Toys weren’t necessarily written or listed by the year they were created and/or sold.


First Series Hero Figures

Second Series Hero Figures


  1. Fire House
  2. Ecto•Plazm


  1. Ecto-1
  2. Ecto-2
  3. Ecto-3
  4. Ecto-500
  5. Ghost Sweeper
  6. Ecto-Bomber
  7. Ecto-1A
  8. Highway Haunter
  9. Air Sickness
  10. Wicked Wheelie

First Series Ghost Figures

  • Carded Figures
  1. Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man
  2. Green Ghost
  3. Bug-Eye Ghost
  4. H2Ghost
  5. Bad-To-The Bone Ghost
  • Gooper Ghosts
  1. Squisher
  2. Banshee Bomber
  3. Sludge Bucket
  4. Green Ghost

Second Series Ghost Figures

  1. Fearsome Flush
  2. Tombstone Tackle Ghost
  3. Green Ghost
  4. Brain Blaster Ghost

Mini Ghosts

  1. Mini Goopers
  2. Mini Shooter
  3. Mini Traps


  1. Dracula
  2. Frankenstein
  3. Quasimodo
  4. Wolfman
  5. Zombie
  6. Mummy

Roleplaying Toys

  1. Ecto-Headphones
  2. Ghost Nabber
  3. GhostZapper
  4. Ghost Popper
  5. Ecto-Goggles & Ecto-Popper
  6. P.K.E Meter*
  7. Proton Pack
  8. Ghost Trap
  9. Ghost Spooker
  10. Nutrona Blaster
  11. WaterZapper
  12. Ecto-Blaster
  13. Ghost Grab-A-Meter
  14. Ecto-Charger Pack

*I wrote about the P.K.E Meter separately.

Gobblin’ Goblins

  1. Nasty Neck
  2. Terrible Teeth
  3. Terror Tongue

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