Both Ecto-500 and Ghost Sweeper toy line exclusives eluded me almost completely. By 1989 my parents must have been tired of buying me The Real Ghostbusters toys. I was about three years into watching TMNT and immersed with their toy lines.

I could have had fun with either toy vehicle at 11 years old. As an adult I feel both toys were originally a stretch with not being used in The Real Ghostbusters. Being a Ghostbusters fan and collector I have a fondness and appreciation for these toy exclusive Ecto vehicles.


Ecto-500 is basically a modified race car with a turbo engine to power not only the car, but the twin ghost catchers. Wonder why Kenner gave Ecto-500 a number 8 race number instead of the number 500. Their reasoning isn’t clear.

A hero figure drives Ecto-500 to locate a ghost, especially Demon Dasher ghost which Kenner included. An observation, Demon Dasher may be the first small ghost who fits its vehicle theme. It sports an always in style vintage race like goggles.

You know Ecto-500 is speeding when the antenna spins and the turbo engine “shakes” side-to side. The ghost catchers can stretch to catch a ghost and hold it up.



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