Season 5


100. Something’s Going Around

101. Three Men And A Egon

102. Elementary My Dear Winston

103. If I Were A Witch Man

104. Partners In Slime

105. Future Tense

106. Jailbusters

107. The Ghostbusters Live! From Al Capone’s Tomb!

108A. Trading Faces

108B. Transcendental Tourists

109A. Surely You Joust

109B. Kitty-Cornered

110A. Slimer’s Curse

110B. Til Death Do Us Part

111A. It’s About Time

111B. The Ransom Of Greenspud

112A. Revenge Of The Ghostmaster

112B. Loose Screws

113A. Venk-Man!

113B. Slimer Streak

114. The Halloween Door