Something’s Going Around


Season 5, Episode 100 (DVD/EC #100)

Title: Something’s Going Around

Originally aired: September 9, 1989

Written By: Len Janson & Chuck Menville

Reviewed: June 19, 2016

Watch It: Volume 4, Disc 2

Synopsis: When the mysterious Doctor McCatheter gives Louis Tully free samples of supernaturally tainted health chips, the Ghostbusters snack their way into a debilitating allergy to ghosts and ghost-fighting equipment!

Location: NYC Big Greaser


You’ll Need A Reference: Big Greaser’s big sign (and its restaurant) is based on Bob’s Big Boy, a Southern California chain founded in 1936 by Bob Wian.

You (Might) Need A Reference: As we begin to see the drive thru, there’s a sign that reads In N Out. That might be a reference to In-N-Out Burger, also founded in California by Harry and Esther Snyder in 1948.



  • “Yeah, like cool man. Dig it.” – 1950s type ghost
  • “My kind of joint.” – 1950s type ghost

Location: Ghostbusters Firehouse Interior. Room: Living Room

You’ll Need A Reference: Peter and Slimer are watching a black and white B Rated monster movie probably from the 1950s. B-Rated (as in low budget) monster and sic-fi movies were popular during the 1950s. While not particularly scary, when the telephone rings, they’re still on alert.

It Just Popped In There: Just because Slimer inadvertently slimed Peter doesn’t mean Peter should let Slimer answer the phone. Can he understand the clients and communicate verbally?

Quote: “Se hablo Español.” – Slimer

It Just Popped In There: I could see some of the Ghostbusters learning Spanish over the years. If Slimer can speak it, let’s hope its better then his English! 😀

Location: NYC Big Greaser (Drive Thru)


Quote: “I can’t bag spooks on an empty stomach.” – Peter

It Just Popped In There: Peter’s stomach wasn’t exactly on empty. He was eating chips before they left. Peter ate or drank something during that scary movie.

Quote: [through the speaker] “Two large fries. One chocolate O Shake.” – Peter

It Just Popped In There: The Ghostbusters weren’t wearing their Proton Packs when they were sitting in Ecto-1. As soon as they get out to deal with 1950s ghost, they’re already wearing them!

It Just Popped In There: I wonder if Big Greaser’s insurance will cover a ghost destroying one of their iconic symbols.

Quote: “Round’em up and bring them home stumpy.” – Ray

You’ll Need A Reference: Ray seemed to be doing a John Wayne impression. John Wayne was an award winning actor who was known for his western roles. i.e.: True Grit.

Sorry I Missed It: When Ray picks up the Ghost Trap, he’s wearing a khaki colored gloved.

Quote: “Can we go now? I don’t feel so good.” – Peter

It Just Popped In There: We know Peter didn’t receive his big order. He seemed fine a little earlier. Maybe from his movie snacks?

Location: Ghostbusters Firehouse Exterior

Sorry I Missed It/You’ll Need A Reference: The no part of the “no ghost” logo Ghostbusters sign is backwards to Americans.

In countries outside America, that’s how the Ghostbusters “no ghost” logo has looked since Ghostbusters was on its way to theaters. As The Real Ghostbusters was animated on the Asian continent it was correct to the artists.

Location: Ghostbusters Firehouse Interior. Room: Office Area


You’ll Need A Reference: This is the first appearance of Louis Tully in The Real Ghostbusters! He was voiced by Rodger Bumpass.

In both Ghostbusters movies Rick Moranis played accountant Louis Tully. Where he had also received a law degree by Ghostbusters II. Somewhere between movies, Louis had become a friend of the Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters II  had been released to theaters earlier that summer on June 16, 1989. In Ghostbusters II Louis worked for the Ghostbusters, first as their lawyer, then as their business accountant.

Location: Ghostbusters Firehouse Interior. Room: Bedrooms


It’s Technical/You’ll Need A Reference: Louis did know how to operate (I’m guessing the basics) a Proton Pack in Ghostbusters II. He had been secretly training (GBI Blog Post, October 3, 2014) prior to dealing with a big Jello mold. Most of the scenes were cut.

If they haven’t yet, the Ghostbusters should probably amend the employee hand book.


  • “I didn’t know you like health food.” – Egon
  • “I never touch the stuff. The price was right.” – Louis

You’ll Need A Reference: Dana Barrett, a former client who was once sick from a supernatural encounter rose 4 feet above her covers. Peter, not by choice is experiencing something similar.

Quote: “Don’t worry, I know a doctor that makes house calls.” – Louis

Location: Ghostbusters Firehouse Exterior


Sorry, I (Didn’t) Miss It: The “no ghost” logo sign is the correct US version. 😉

Location: Ghostbusters Firehouse Interior. Room: Bedrooms

You’ll Need A Reference: The house call doctor name is Dr. McCatheter. Safe bet part of his name went over all our heads as children. It kinda references the Ghostbusters yellow hoses during Ghostbusters. As the character is a doctor, the name might have been a funny “inside reference” to the writers.

You’ll Need A Reference: A game of Tic-Tac-Toe suddenly appears on Peter’s chest. It even plays itself! Tic-Tac Toe has around in some form since ancient Rome. The game with different names and slightly different game play has been around in more modern times since at least 1864.

It Just Popped In There: As an older kid when this episode aired I can still remember feeling a sense of heightened emotion at seeing that game play itself.


  • “I believe he has a serious allergy to ghosts.” – Dr. McCatheter
  • “His condition will worsen if he doesn’t get out of the ghost busting business immediately.” Dr. McCatheter
  • “What, no way! What will I do? Ghostbusters is my life!” – Peter


It Just Popped In There: Interesting that Dr. McCatheter just happens to have the same “health” chips (did he create the recipe?) that Louis and Peter had been eating. Wouldn’t that be important to mention earlier?

It Just Popped In There (In Editing): How specific are these chips, is there science technology involved? Louis wasn’t allergic. Just the Ghostbusters.

Location: Ghostbusters Firehouse Exterior


It Just Popped In There: Of course a doctor with a name like that who has exclusive health chips is a ghost!

Location: Ghostbusters Firehouse Interior. Room: Office Area (The Next Day)


It Just Popped In There: What happened to that second opinion? Why would Peter have to move out of the firehouse? Sure, Slimer could cause Peter to have “allergies.” If Peter isn’t around Slimer, as in that very moment he’d be ok. Eventually it could be psychological, not being able to do his job and hang around his buddy Slimer. In 1989 most of us wouldn’t have understood it in that way.

Would it make sense for Peter to stay, even temporarily at Janine’s apartment? We know she works with Ghostbusters and is at work around ghosts. As scientists the guys should study this allergy right away. Or after eating Ghostbusters cereal.

Location: Janine’s Apartment. Interior. Room: Living Room.

It Just Popped In There/You’ll Need A Reference: With three scientists and Winston in the room why is Janine taking Peter’s temperature? Not that you have to be a scientist to take a temperature.

Truth is by this time in The Real Ghostbusters series a certain parents group got involved (interfered) with the network to make changes. Janine has way less attitude and as the only female character is more nurturing. This parent’s group is also the reason Ray had lost weight from earlier seasons.


  • “I know that doctor was a little strange. He sure called this one.” – Ray
  • “Perhaps. I still don’t trust him.” – Egon

Location: Ghostbusters Firehouse Interior. Room: Kitchen



  • “More chips guys?” – Louis
  • “Where did we get these chips from anyway Louis? They’re the worse.” – Winston
  • “For some reason I can’t stop eating them.” – Ray
  • “They’re from Dr. McCatheter. He said they’ll keep you from catching Peter’s allergy.” – Louis

Location: Ghostbusters Firehouse Interior. Room: Garage Bay


  • “We should have known McCatheter was behind this.” – Ray
  • “I can’t wait to nail that dude.” – Winston

It Just Popped In There: We’d understand the guys feelings towards what’s happened to them all. How do they know McCatheter is a ghost? A very well educated guess? From experience? As they didn’t originally suspect and don’t know he’s a ghost. Since learning about the chips they didn’t seem to make time to use other equipment at the Firehouse.

It’s Technical: Egon and Ray are adjusting their Neutrona Wands. As they still don’t know McCatheter is a ghost, what are the adjustments for?

Quote: “A ghost? Gee, our health insurance carrier is going to frown on this.” – Louis Tully

Location: NYC  Street Exterior


Sorry, I Missed It: Ecto-1’s “no ghost” logo has shifted from its usual door center to the left. Also, its license plate is missing the word Ecto-1.


  • “Even allergic to Ecto.” – Ray
  • “Must be all the years of ectoplasmic residue.” – Egon

Location: Janine’s Apartment. Interior. Rooms: Living Room/Kitchen


It’s Technical: Seems as my earlier questions have been answered. Using a P.K.E Meter Egon shows Peter that McCatheter’s chips are certainly not healthy.


  • “Janine, we gotta track down McCatheter, but we need your car.” – Winston
  • “No way. Remember what happened the last time you borrowed it?” – Janine
  • “Ok, so we forgot to get it washed.” – Peter
  • “Yeah, right. That’s the ticket!” – Egon & Ray
  • “Washed!? You totaled it!” – Janine

Location: McCatheter’s  Address (Exterior)


You’ll Need A Reference: Janine is driving a pink VW Beetle. Probably a custom color or she had it special ordered.

Sorry I Missed It: Janine’s rear license plate doesn’t have any numbers or letters on it. The animators either didn’t think to make something up or didn’t regard the small detail as important as most children wouldn’t have noticed for the little it would have been in frame.

Sorry I Missed It: When the Ghostbusters are getting out of Janine’s car their “no ghost” logo patches are missing their ghosts.

Location: McCatheter’s  Address (Interior)


It Just Popped In There: Why would any (presumably powerful) ghost want to run a city? When you’re can un-live forever, sounds like running amok would eventually get boring.

Location: Ghostbusters Firehouse Interior. Room: Office Area


It Just Popped In There: So a ghost wanted to get rid of the Ghostbusters so he (who is a ghost) can dress as a Ghostbuster and wear a Proton Pack with accompanying Ghost Trap. Both pieces of equipment are used to catch ghosts.

It’s Technical: Did McCatheter make his uniform? I guess if he can make or have chips made that make Ghostbusters allergic. Along with being able to and appear human, making a uniform would be easy.

It’s Technical: I’m pretty sure not even Winston could drive Ecto-1 like that (inside or out) without serious modifications!

It Just Popped In There: How does a ghost who (without appearing human) and doesn’t have feet drive a car? Especially that car!

Location: NYC  Street Exterior


It Just Popped In There: Ghosts come through a wall, scaring/sliming a woman and a kid. The boy looks familiar. One of Winston’s family members? We can agree to disagree. I think it was easier for the animators to just use Winston’s facial features for this scene.

Quote: “Who ya gonna call?” – McCatheter

You’ll Need A Reference: Clever, ghost. “Who ya gonna call?” is synonymous with Ghostbusters. Made famous because of GHOSTBUSTERS in June 1984 and Ray Parker Jr’s song, ‘Ghostbusters.’

Location: Ghostbusters Firehouse Interior. Room: Garage Bay/Office Area

It Just Popped In There: Surprisingly McCatheter is an ok driver. Or is it more because the guys usually take good care of ECTO-1?


It Just Popped In There: Where did Louis get his (custom?) uniform from? Was their some extra (in a different color) just laying around?

Quote: “Grab some sky.” – Louis

It’s Technical: Similar to Ghostbusters II, Louis wildly fires proton beams. In Ghostbusters II, he didn’t cause any property damage like he did here.

Sorry I Missed It: Somewhere between getting back and sorta getting chased by Louis McCatheter ditched his Ghostbusters uniform.

Location: Janine’s Apartment


It Just Popped In There: Its understandable that Louis and I guess Slimer left the firehouse and wanted to be anywhere but the Firehouse. Why go to Janine’s apartment (how did he get in anyway?) when he has known if the Ghostbusters are there, they will be “allergic” to Slimer?

Not For Sale: Janine has one or more “no ghost” logo shirts in her closet.

Tobin’s Spirit Guide: Well as Slimer is at Janine’s anyway, he can help them rid themselves of their “allergies.”

Location: Ghostbusters Firehouse Interior


Quote: “This house call’s on us!” – Peter

You’ll Need A Reference: The Ghostbusters are back! As was firmly established in Ghostbusters II. However, for animated continuity The Real Ghostbusters had remained in business between Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II.


It Just Popped In There: It’s great that Peter and Louis worked together to capture McCatheter with Janine opening a Ghost Trap. In general episodes like these show how the Ghostbusters can work as a team and are equals.

I suppose a certain Class V included. 😀