First series hero figures need ways to get to the toy ghosts for kids and collectors to play with. Kenner first sold ECTO-1 and kids were happy. Then someone at Kenner saw Ghosts ‘R Us and came up with ECTO-2. As the series continued, the hits kept coming! With more Ectos, a sweeper, a converted historical plane, and two ghost vehicles! Should ghosts be driving?

  1. Ecto-1  Instructions
  2. Ecto-2  Instructions
  3. Ecto-3  Instructions
  4. Ecto-500  Instructions
  5. Ghost Sweeper  Instructions
  6. Ecto-Bomber  Instructions
  7. Ecto-1A  Instructions
  8. Highway Haunter  Instructions
  9. Air Sickness  Instructions
  10. Wicked Wheelie  Instructions

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