Ghost Popper


Before Nerf had an idea for what would become the Nerf Blaster in the late ‘80s Kenner came up with a foam blaster of their own in 1986. Given the name Ghostpopper, it included six yellow foam pops. Only one at a time could be loaded into the red circular front part.


With a foam pop loaded, the gray handle can be pulled back, “pulling” in air. Once a kid aims Ghostpopper at a ghost target (included) kids push the gray handle forward. Air will then quickly force a foam pop out, shooting it at a ghost target.

Kenner included three cardboard targets. A The Real Ghostbusters “no ghost” logo, Slimer, and the best for last Mr. Stay-Puft. Two additional “holders” are included so kids can make their own ghosts. When the anniversary edition of Ghostpopper is made someday Slug should definitely be included.


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