Bad-To-The Bone Ghost


Bad-To-The Bone Ghost is a half skeleton of sorts (about to its hips) whose purpose is to capture at least two of The Real Ghostbusters. Its strength is really its weakness as the other two hero figures are right there firing proton streams and coming to the rescue!


If Kenner had made P.K.E Meters for the first series The Real Ghostbusters they could have easily detected Bad-To-The Bone. Instead Egon stands oblivious (and without his pack!) as Bad-To-The Bone opens its rib cage close by. The rib cage opens by pinching what Kenner calls “bone levers” which are located on the vertebrae. Right behind the rib cage.

When Bad-To-The Bone is lowered over a hero figure (and you let go of the bone levers) the rib cage closes. When a The Real Ghostbusters head is placed in Bad-To-The Bone’s skull the jaw lowers and its eyes bug out!

Because Bad-To-The Bone is a skeleton its skull is removable. It can then be placed over The Real Ghostbusters figure. With perhaps two hero figures captured, Bad-To-The Bone can lower its “hips” (by rotating the vertebrae) to grasp a third The Real Ghostbusters figure.


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