Air Sickness


Kenner produced and sold two vehicles that weren’t meant to be used specifically by the hero figures. Each of the two Haunted Vehicles seemed normal enough at first, but when any of the hero figures were near, they could become scary to haunt The Real Ghostbusters. Ahhhh!!!

Air Sickness is just an old pilot who probably lost his bomber plane. Word got back to him that The Real Ghostbusters had it. I bet Flyer Ghost made it up.


After finding what amounts to the smallest airplane made from scraps, Air Sickness waits to give The Real Ghostbusters a scare from the air!

With The Real Ghostbusters around, Air Sickness becomes a frightening team of ghosts. The old pilot, winged ghost, motor ghost, and a seat ghost. With The Real Ghostbusters at the scene, they make fairly quick work of Air Sickness.



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