Nasty Neck


Kenner employees must have been really tired of coming up with The Real Ghostbusters ghosts by 1990. Or they were just tired.

A year earlier Kenner had already released classic Monster figures for The Real Ghostbusters. And Gobblin’ Goblins were also monsters…so not ghosts.

“Lazy” monsters at that. Sitting around, waiting for Power Pack The Real Ghostbusters to walk on by.


Nasty Neck took inspiration from either a flexible drinking straw or a snorkel. By the time it’s ready to “capture” Power Pack Venkman, a kid could make his/her The Real Ghostbusters hero figure run off.

Also, why wouldn’t any The Real Ghostbusters hero figures not have its weapon accessory with it as it’s facing a ghost monster? Now that’s using an imagination.