Green Ghost With Pack

Green Ghost, still not called Slimer, (even though Kenner acknowledged its TV existence) is a more to scale Slimer, then its first ghost figure. This Slimer, still scared as easily as its animated counterpart.

Green Ghost has a jaw that drops with the bug eyes popping out look. And a “no ghost” (has to be slimely) logo patch. Its reaction is deceptive as it can wear a Proton Pack when other ghosts are too close for ectoplasmic comfort!

In the US, Canada, and the UK the Proton Packs could be blue or red with blue or red upside down throwers. Sometimes the throwers were right side up. For the French and Dutch countries the packs were red with blue right side up throwers. Confused yet?

Kenner should have just stuck to one color scheme for the packs. Each pack also has a “no ghost” logo decal. Did Green Ghost put it their?

Reference Source: Ghostbusters Wiki