Depending on when I saw a Ghostbusters TV spot during 1984 I was either 5 or 6 years old. While the memories of my experiences with the promotion of Ghostbusters are vague I had to see Ghostbusters. I couldn’t have known, (maybe being an only child) who the actors are and how adults enjoy their comedy. Problem was in June 1984 I was 6, up to then hadn’t seen a non animated movie in theaters, (that I can recall) and couldn’t up and go to a movie theater.

While the adults in my life talked it over and figured out the logistics they decided (looking back maybe they wanted to see it too) to take me to see Ghostbusters. As I’ve previously written I had a wonderment about the realism.

I don’t remember the exact day I first saw Ghostbusters. It was close to June 8, 1984 as possible. I went with at least one of my neighbors who have been like family and my parents. I was in from the beginning. Thinking back on some of Ghostbusters colorful language and mature humor its a wonder I was allowed to see it a second time in theaters. And at home almost as much as I wanted once Ghostbusters could be rented. It wasn’t intentional from all involved in making Ghostbusters, the kids really did love Ghostbusters.

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To the adults in my life Ghostbusters was another movie, to me it meant more then that. I was still 6 and couldn’t continue to experience Ghostbusters with its official fan club, (Ghostbusters International Blog Post, June 8, 2014) most of its books, (Ghostbusters International) and a handful of other merchandise.

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It would take almost another two years to be part of an evolving Ghostbusters experience, this time in the form of an animated spin off which was a major part of childhood 6 days a week. Ghostbusters really was a “legitimate phenomena” with toys (and Play-Doh) from Kenner, various apparel, cereal, (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, October 8, 2014) gum, (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, December 12, 2013) and other snack foods. Their was even hygienic items like toothpaste. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, December 13, 2013) For when you weren’t hanging out or sleeping in your The Real Ghostbusters bedroom reading the official magazine or comics.

Coca~Cola who owned Columbia Pictures pretty much had every aspect of our day covered when it came to being a real Ghostbuster. Even without official merchandise I still would have played Ghostbusters like other kids. Before a Proton Pack with long yellow foam and a glow in the dark Ghost Trapbusted ghosts with a back pack and a milk carton. Construction paper gets a lot accomplished.

I’d continue to be a ghosthead even during the Slimer! era. I was around 10 and can still remember how I didn’t like the changes. i.e.: title sequence, being more about Slimer, animation style with those cartoons. Most definitely shortened The Real Ghostbusters episodes.

Good thing mutated turtles were also part of my childhood. And a new Ghostbusters movie was being made for a summer 1989 release.