Prior to Ghostbusters 20th Anniversary in 2004 N.E.C.A, which has nothing to do with electricians released Ghostbusters collectibles for the 21 century. Early products included  (Extreme) Head Knockers. They were better versions of bobble heads.

I had both the Slimer and Stay-Puft, of course versions. Unfortunately because they weren’t plastic I broke Slimer’s hand and I might have literally knocked Stay-Puft off my desk, breaking it and suppressing a memory for 14 years.

During Ghostbusters celebration NECA released Series 1. Series 1 really should have been the Ghostbusters. Some things weren’t meant to be when ghostheads couldn’t imagine having too many figures within five years.

What does a toy collectible company do when they can’t produce Ghostbusters? Produce the villians!

  • Slimer
  • Terror Dogs
  • Gozer
  • Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man


One of the selling points to NECA was reasonable prices for fans and collectors. If I remember, under $20 USD.


Slimer can “float” with it’s ectoplasmic residue stand. Arm and hand joints allow for movement and for holding what else, food items. Until I moved in July 2017 I had the iconic “wine bottle.” I didn’t see it today. NECA Slimer couldn’t hold onto a whole turkey dinner, anti-pasta, a loaf of bread, and a pie missing a slice.

Terror Dogs

Both Terror Dogs (Zuul and Vinz) can be posed by turning the legs. Mouths open to reveal just about real sharp teeth. When you press down on the tails, eyes glow red. One of mine after a decade probably needs a new battery. I know, don’t leave batteries in toys.


I was happy that a toy company designed and made a more to scale Stay-Puft. The face isn’t exactly screen accurate. I would have wanted balance to good/evil. Stay-Puft is made of the hardest plastic known to the human species. And it may actually weigh 600 pounds.


The first time since Ghostbusters a decade earlier a toy company made a Gozer figure. Choose the form…of your toy figure! I had Gozer displayed on my desk. I’m not sure if it was the heels, it was hard to connect this figure to the gray plastic base. It probably should have been a little wider. Also with the interchangeable “lightening action” fingers, it was easy to break. That’s exactly what I eventually did. I bought a second one from a popular auction site years later. This prehistoric god also came with a “if you aren’t a god, I will destroy you” face.



I had completely forgotten that at some point Matty Collector gave away a translucent (might have glowed in the dark?) small, weird, I guess fun looking Slimer.

I found it today and thought including it could be funny. As you can see by the above photo, the Terror Dogs might have other dinner plans for that Slimer.