Rich Reviews: Ghostbusters: ATC


Handy Disclaimer: Most screencaps come from Kiss Me Goodbye. With a few exceptions that are also credited. I saved a small amount of screen caps, uploading them on Ecto-Containment for my review. If they need to be removed, email me at spengs @ ecto-containment dot com.

Theatrical Review

Format: 2D Blu-ray


Thoughts: On the Ghostbusters 30th anniversary Blu-ray the loading bar is a P.K.E Meter. For Ghostbusters: ATC a plain grayish loading bar is used. As a style choice a new piece of equipment from Ghostbusters: ATC could have been used instead.



Photo Source: FullDVD Menu

Thoughts: I like with the Ghostbusters: Answer The Call menu screen characters images are shown. I don’t know if this could have been done with the Ghostbusters 30th anniversary Blu-ray, instead of just a static image that was used.

While the character images are being shown, a Ghostbusters cover plays by Walk The Moon. Their cover reminds me a little of the 1980s Kids Incorporated version. If nothing is selected the images and cover song will repeat.

Once play is pressed, either the theatrical or extended version can be selected.

Location: Aldridge Mansion/Museum

Similar Location To Ghostbusters: New York Public Library


Thoughts: I saw Ghostbusters: Answer The Call in theaters in July 2016. Almost immediately once Ghostbusters: ATC began somewhat subconsciously as a ghosthead who has watched Ghostbusters countless times since 1984 I was looking for parallels to Ghostbusters. I would think of those kinds of scenes throughout Ghostbusters: ATC.

Naturally a film needs a beginning and this is the set up for Ghostbusters: ATC. If one understands, even a little that there was an era where spiritualists and mediums existed. Mediums were con people. Using illusion to make people believe they were in the presence of say their loved ones.

In Ghostbusters: ATC Garrett the tour guide probably had at least some idea about the history, (unless I give the character too much credit) and used with the help of other Aldridge employees technology in a similar way. What he hadn’t most likely known is Gertrude Aldridge really exists. She is none to pleased with his behavior.

How did Garrett the tour guide miss that glowing piece of technology by the candlestick?

Location: Columbia University

Location In Ghostbusters: Columbia University


Photo Source: Screencapped

Thoughts: After Alice in Ghostbusters comes across “the library ghost” in the stacks, parts of the following scene are at Columbia University. Or “the university.”

In Ghostbusters: ATC, the Library Of Columbia University is shown. Where a few key scenes in Ghostbusters took place.

Location: Max Planck Auditorium


Think Differently:

Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck, FRS (1858-1947) was a German theoretical physicist whose discovery of energy quanta won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.

Source: Wikipedia


Answer The Call: On the whiteboard are equations to catch ghosts, in marketing Ghostbusters: ATC, a website address is hidden (Internet Archive) for the Kenneth P. Higgins Institute of Science.


  • “I’m talking about your book.” – Ed Mulgrave
  • “Book, Um…I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean.” – Erin Gilbert
  • “You’re Erin Gilbert right? Co-Author of Ghosts From Our Past: Both Literally and Figuratively: The Study of the Paranormal?” – Ed Mulgrave

Answer The Call: Ghosts From Our Pasts

Thoughts: How could Erin Gilbert not know copies of a book she co-wrote is still being printed and sold? Wouldn’t she get paid from the sales?

Location: Dr. Erin Gilbert’s Office


Thoughts: I think I laughed for the the first time when Harold Filmore wanted a more prestigious letter than from Princeton. I’m from Jersey, that’s part of it.

Ghostbusters Reference: There is a bronze bust of Harold Ramis as his portrayal of Dr. Egon Spengler. I suppose it could be inferred a character that looked like him worked at this university. I look at it as one way the production behind Ghostbusters: ATC honored Harold Ramis.

Location: Kenneth P. Higgins Institute of Science (Paranormal Studies Laboratory)

Similar Location To Ghostbusters: University Lab (Dr. Venkman)


Ghostbusters Reference: (Kinda, Sorta) Sign Reads: Do Not Write Stupid (underlined twice) Things On This Door!

Ghostbusters Reference: (Somewhat Reaching) “Substandard” wiring to electrical power meter/breakers by door.


It’s Technical: Dr. Abby Yates helmet similar to the helmet worn by Vinz Clortho in Ghostbusters.

Thoughts About Recurring Chinese Take Out Joke: I know humor is subjective. What I find funny, you might not. Vice-versa.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a different Chinese soup in different scenes. The first time about one wonton that was split, I laughed at. It didn’t need to be a running gag.


Ghostbusters Reference: The introduction of Dr. Jillian Holtzmann reminded me of when Dr. Stantz “bursts” into the lab.

Thoughts About Recurring Crude Humor: When Ghostbusters was filmed, in some ways it wasn’t that different from other films of its era, where a comedy could be raunchy. It was written to be a more risqué then it was, personally I’m glad certain scenes weren’t made.

In Ghostbusters: ATC there is what can be considered juvenile/crude humor. It isn’t what I normally find funny. Again, what I find funny, you might not.

Quote: “I got the pack.” – Jillian Holtzmann

Thoughts: Did Jillian Holtzmann invent some kind of Proton Pack? Or is this pack just a type of bag that has equipment in it?

Location: Aldridge Mansion/Museum

Similar Location To Ghostbusters: New York Public Library Stacks


It’s Technical: P.K.E Meter

Ghostbusters Prop Building Reference: Before ghostheads could buy professionally made kits or build perfect parts to build a Proton Pack prop, early builders used part of a Pringles container for the N-Filter.

I don’t know if the production behind Ghostbusters: ATC had known that, asked the right ghostheads, or used the internet to dig for that.

Thoughts: I guess Drs. Gilbert, Yates, and Holtzmann already knew, did Erin Gilbert know the “gooey stuff” is ectoplasm?

Quote: “You try saying no to these salty parabolas.” – Jillian Holtzmann

Missed Marketing Opportunity: Sony and related snack food companies, ie: Hostess, Hi-C, and food chains had cross promotion for Ghostbusters: ATC. Unless I somehow missed it, Pringles wasn’t one of the licensees.

Kemp’s Classification Spectral Table: Class IV apparition.


Now People Are Seeing Ghosts: The style of the ghosts in Ghostbusters: ATC was pretty much established with Gertrude Aldridge. SFX aside compared to Ghostbusters the ghosts feel scarier and creepier at times depending on the scene. It is “darker” without being straight horror.

I’m watching Ghostbusters: ATC for the third time since July 2016. When Gertrude is getting ready to unleash ectoplasmic residue on Erin Gilbert, I was startled again.

Blu-ray Specs: Ghostbusters: ATC was filmed in 3D and 2D. For Blu-ray it was also released for a 3D and 2D format. Instead of altering 3D SFX, some spill onto the 2:39.1 aspect ratio black bars. I don’t mind it. If I had more of a theater set up it might be more enjoyable.

Thoughts: Is that much ectoplasm toxic?

Location: Harold Filmore’s Office


Similar Location To Ghostbusters: When Drs. Venkman, Stantz, and Spengler are fired by Dean Yeager.

Thoughts: Ghosts Are Real Video

I get that Abby Yates and Jillian Holtzmann are excited they filmed a real ghost they were investigating. It is important, it is a big deal. Maybe Abby should have waited until Erin Gilbert received her tenure.

Location: Kenneth P. Higgins Institute of Science (Paranormal Studies Laboratory)


Kemp’s Classification Spectral Table: Full torso transmogrification with corporeal aggression.

Thoughts: I’m very much surprised my spell checker actually knew how to spell transmogrification. No, I have no idea what that means.


Ruining Our Childhoods/Quote: “Ain’t no bit***s going to hunt no ghosts.” – Erin Gilbert

Thoughts: It isn’t a secret that some ghostheads tore into all things Ghostbusters: ATC during its production. I’m not sure this dialogue was an in movie response to fans. I don’t take it personally, it does seem like it was meant to be a response.

Ghostbusters Reference: “Who she’s gonna call?” – Abby Yates immediately followed in music tone by…

Answer The Call: A TV that just happens to be on is playing Ghost Jumpers. A take on an entire channel worth of Ghost Hunting shows.

Location: Kenneth P. Higgins Institute of Science (Thomas Shanks, Dean Of College Office)



  • “Ghosts? I will not let the 12 year reputation of this fine institution be besmirched by you!” – Dean Thomas Shanks.
  • “You’re only dean now because the last dean went to jail.” – Abby Yates

Quote: “This is incredibly immature behavior.” – Abby Yates

Thoughts: Personally the middle fingers weren’t necessary and the gag around it went on for too long. Some of the jokes in scenes to come I feel similarly about.

I’ve heard these long form jokes seem to play better in the extended version of Ghostbusters: ATC. I don’t have an opinion yet as I haven’t watched the extended version.

Location: Kenneth P. Higgins Institute of Science (Exterior)

Similar Location To Ghostbusters: Columbia University Law Library


Thoughts: I like that somehow they were able to leave with the necessary equipment they could carry. In Ghostbusters, except for taking the P.K.E Meter, (that was awesome of Egon by the way) you know Ray would have loved to have had that video tape. Hopefully Egon also took the ectoplasm samples as well.

Location: NYC Subway Station (Seward)


Quote: [To Patty Tolan] “When the fourth cataclysm begins laborers such as yourself will be among the last lead to the butchery.” – Rowan

Somewhat Similar To Ghostbusters: When Louis Tully/Vinz Clortho explains to Egon and Janine what’s to come. Or has come before.

It’s Technical: Some kind of paranormal electrical device, allows a ghost to appear above subway tracks.

Kemp’s Classification Spectral Table: Reminded me of the Scoleri brothers, who were given the chair by The Judge in the 1940s.

Location: Mercado Hotel (Lower Levels)



  • “You have been bullied your entire life. Now you will be the bully.” – Rowan
  • “Trust in your abilities and the universe shall bend before your will.” – Rowan
  • “And the universe shall bend before your will.” – Rowan
  • “Charge the lines, create the vortex, break the barrier.” – Rowan

Its Technical: Slightly larger paranormal electrical device.

Thoughts: We don’t exactly know how Rowan will release ghosts. I like that visually we’re beginning to see these ghosts that are trapped on the other side.

Has he ever seen a sci/fi movie? Usually a motive with ill intentions won’t turn out well for a person.

I guess hotel employees, especially management never come down to those lower levels.

Location: Hook & Ladder 8

Somewhat Similar Location To Ghostbusters: Hook & Ladder 8 (Exterior)



[walking up to H&L8]

  • “I found a fantastic spot for your business.” – Realtor
  • “It’s more of a research lab.” – Erin Gilbert

Thoughts: In Ghostbusters, we see a run down Firehouse for the first time. The real Firehouse is Hook & Ladder 8, located in New York City. Its exteriors were used for filming in both Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II. It didn’t really have those kinds of doors and they weren’t red in 1984.

Somewhat Similar Location To Ghostbusters: Hook & Ladder (Interior)


Thoughts: In Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II the interior is the interior of Engine #23, a decommissioned firehouse in Los Angeles, CA. Unfortunately by the time of Ghostbusters: ATC, Engine 23 isn’t the building it used to be. The interiors are sets, made to resemble the iconic and beautiful firehouse.

  • “The rent is $21,000 a month.” – Realtor
  • “Burn in hel*.” – Erin Gilbert

Thoughts: I wonder if $21,000 would be considered a good price for renting a space in the Tribeca part of Manhattan.

Ghostbusters Reference: In the university lab scene towards the beginning of Ghostbusters, Peter’s door had been vandalized with Venkman, burn in Hel*.

Location: Zhu’s Authentic Hong Kong Food (Second Floor)


Thoughts: Chinese food joke, except with a shrimp or carrot.

Quote/Flyer: “If you see something, say something.” 212-120-2200

Ghostbusters Reference: Dana Barrett and Louis Tully lived on the 22 floor at 55 Central Park West.

The Kevin Timeline: I didn’t like that some ghostheads personally attacked the actresses that become the Ghostbusters in Answer The Call. I would never condone that of anyone. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Margaret Wolfe Hungerford in 1878. From ‘Molly Bawn.


Could you imagine another side of fan backlash if the main women cast in Ghostbusters: ATC were female American model types?

My opinions aren’t personal towards Chris Hemsworth. Nerds know Chris Hemsworth is “Marvel fit” as he plays Thor. From what I remember reading/hearing about the casting, Chris Hemsworth is a funny guy. I guess the fact he doesn’t have cheat days works with the type of humor in ATC.

Of course as Kevin has the body of an Asgardian, one of the female scientists, in this case Erin Gilbert is instantly attracted to him. At least Abby Yates tries to tone that down and acknowledges harassment lawsuits could be awaiting.

Is it a double standard? Whether the casting behind ATC knew someone personally or not, their wasn’t some “average looking” guy that could have been cast that also has natural comedic timing?

As the only male lead, why did Kevin have to come off as basically stupid? Examples so far: Doesn’t know what seeing someone means, isn’t being clear about his pet, wears eye glasses without lenses, covers his eyes instead of his ears for a loud noise, doesn’t know he can’t use national company logos, and up to now can’t put his hand through a glass fish tank.

Quote: “I think I got it. If their’s something strange in the neighborhood…” – Abby Yates

Ruining Our Childhoods: Kevin designed a female ghost logo, and one with a floating hot dog over a house.

Ghostbusters Reference: In Ghostbusters sometime after Onionhead escaped The Storage Facility he ends up in a street vendor’s hot dog cart with a a mouthful of hot dogs.

Thoughts: Why did Kevin have all those suit cases, did he think he was going to move in? Did his mom kick him out because she could no longer take the male lead stupidity?

Location: NYC Subway Station (Seward)


Kemp’s Classification Spectral Table: Class IV semi-anchored entity.

Quote: “No ghost allowed.” – Graffiti artist

Ghostbusters Reference: Graffiti “no ghost” logo on subway wall looks pretty much like the “no ghost” logo designed by Michael C. Gross for Ghostbusters and used ever since.

Thoughts: I know somehow the iconic Ghostbusters logo had to be established for Ghostbusters: Answer The Call. It felt like there could have been a better way to do it.

Location: NYC Subway Station (Seward Tracks)

Similar Location To Ghostbusters: When Ray fires a proton stream for the first time at Onionhead on the 12th floor of the Sedgwick Hotel.


It’s Technical: Testing a nuclear laser aka Nutrona Wand that can fire a proton stream.

Thoughts: I liked that the proton stream didn’t have the distance at first until it was adjusted by Jillian Holtzmann.

Without a Ghost Trap, what did they expect to do with the prisoner ghost if it had been caught?

Quote: “We need more juice, more mobile. I know what to do.” – Jillian Holtzmann

Location: Zhu’s Authentic Hong Kong Food (Second Floor)

Similar Locations To Ghostbusters: When Winston is either interviewed by Janine or later on hired by Ray and Peter at Ghostbusters HQ.


Ruining Our Childhoods/Quote: [looking at computer] “Everyone thinks this video is fake.” – Erin Gilbert

Thoughts: Video comments reflective on ghostheads hating on “female Ghostbusters” movie. Just in a nicer way.

Quote: “You shouldn’t be reading this stuff. You’re not suppose to listen to what crazy people write in the middle of the night on-line.” – Abby Yates

Thoughts: Away from production when talking about the hate towards this Ghostbusters movie Melissa McCarthy was known to say something along the lines of fans living in their parents basements. I know I had heard it enough. Wonder if she believed that.

It’s Technical: Paranormal subway device is similar to a miniature cyclotron.

It’s Technical/Quote: “And they used a chromium alloy for the hull. I would have used aluminum, but I’m crazy.” – Jillian Holtzmann



  • “I’m joining the club.” – Patty Tolan
  • “Um, well it’s not really a..I’m sorry.” – Erin Gilbert
  • [phone rings] “What’s this place called again?” – Kevin
  • “Conductors of the Metaphysical Examination. Talk.”- Erin Gilbert
  • “Got it. Uh, Conductors of the Metamucils and Stuff.” – Kevin

[As Kevin is leaving for a hide and seek semi tournament]

  • “Hey, did y’all hire that big dumb dude?” – Patty Tolan
  • “The thing is, this isn’t really a club. It’s a scientific research group.” – Erin Gilbert
  • “Let me tell you something. I read a lot of nonfiction, and you guys know a lot about this science stuff, but I know NY. And check this out! I can borrow a car from my uncle, and y’all won’t have to lug all this heavy equipment around.” – Patty Tolan

Thoughts: How exactly does a paranormal research club make money? And the kind of money to fund presumably expensive ghostbustin’ equipment? And pay rent and I suppose Kevin? Unless they’re financing it from their personal savings.

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