Peter Venkman

Before you can “stage your own supernatural battles” The Real Ghostbusters need to be apart of it too. In 1986 Kenner knew what we were asking Santa for. Each The Real Ghostbuster came with a proton pack (built in colorful proton streams included) and Class II looking ghosts to bust. Other accessories wouldn’t be included until later figure lines.


This first line was so popular it had a second run in 1988 with slightly different packaging in the United States.

For some reason regardless of who the character is each card states “action zapping Ray” between the figure and its proton pack.

Peter’s proton stream is green and his ghost figure is Grabber Ghost.™


The back of the second run cards look like the card above. It advertised and gave a little information about some of the figures and toys that had been released from 1986 to 1988. It would also help a certain collector 25 years later.


6 thoughts on “Peter Venkman

  1. After reading your comment and looking at the pic above I would agree. Kenner calling it a ray may have been an easier, less technical way for kids (and maybe adults) to “understand” what that “squiggly” thing is coming through the proton wand.

    We’ll probably never know the reason. Interestingly enough Kenner does refer to the proton wand as a nutrona blaster.

    Thanks for commenting, before I bought these in 2011 I hadn’t owned one mint since the late ’80s.


  2. Hi loving your reviews do you have the majority of the Kennet toyline? I’m slowly buying back my youth as well. Got some carded and trying to buy them loose complete


    • Thanks for the kinds words. I don’t own every Kenner RGB figure. I bought most of what I own in 2011. I never had the whole run as a kid, now I’m more selective in how I collect.

      Although I wasn’t 100% happy about it, I sold my first series hero figure Ray a couple years back. I may sell more of what I’ve written about from Kenner.

      If they were my original toys or Matty Collector never came out with their Ghostbusters figures, it might be different.

      Rich aka Spengs


  3. The hero ones are what I’m finding to be very hard to get hold of. Got the ecto glow full set on unpunched cards and fright creatures full sets. Odds n Dodds of others. Do you plan on any more reviews soon?


    • I can agree, the first series hero figures especially don’t seem to come up often on eBay. I don’t remember if I was specifically looking for them, at a time a retailer I think in my state had all 4. I definitely paid eBay prices and if I sell the other three, I know I would want want to try to get close to what I paid.

      I have two Fright Features figures. I’d like to collect more of them.

      Yes I do plan on writing more toy reviews, from my Kenner and Matty Collector collections. Also non toy articles too when I have time.


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