Take Two


Season 1, Episode 10

Title: Take Two

Originally Aired: November 15, 1986

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski

Review Date: June 2, 2014

Watch It: Volume 1, Disc 2

Synopsis: The Real Ghostbusters fly to Hollywood to be consultants on a movie version of their business lives. When studio employees disturb a sleeping ghost, The Real Ghostbusters spring into action with prop Proton Packs?


A newscaster has been reporting Live on and off about The Real Ghostbusters who are leaving to help with their own movie. A small crowd is waiting for their heroes as well, showing support with Ghostbusters t-shirts and signs.

Not For Sale: Some people in the crowd waiting are wearing white Ghostbusters shirts with “no ghost logos” on the back. One young man is holding a sign with the Ghostbusters logo as well.

Ecto-1 – Driving Through NYC

On the long way to the airport to catch a charter flight The Real Ghostbusters are catching ghosts along the way. Winston is the only one wearing his Proton Pack.


It’s technical: Winston has a telescopic scope on his Nutrona Wand. It’s used to accurately aim at ghosts when ghosts are flying away.

Sorry, I missed it: Right before Winston is about to fire on the winged ghost, it appears Ray whose been driving isn’t animated.

More of an observation, then a second goof. It appears Winston didn’t exactly catch the ghost at first. It did turn around, wasn’t caught by the proton beams.


Not For Sale: In the wide shot a man is wearing a black Ghostbusters shirt with a “no ghost” logo on the back. A woman is also wearing a pink Ghostbusters shirt with a “no ghost” logo on the back too. Two people are holding different signs with the Ghostbusters logo on them.

While still waiting for The Real Ghostbusters to arrive for their charter flight, the news reporter wants to show a brief history of The Real Ghostbusters yet again to a crowd whose has repeatedly seen it and is less excited than earlier.

You’ll need a reference: The history is basically Ghostbusters until the next episode can be included as well.

It just popped in there: For the early part of the season 1, it could be highlights from previous episodes. With major bad ghosts like the Slug (its okay to laugh) Killerwatt, What, trolls, Sandman, Boogieman, and Samhain; news editors certainly have plenty to choose from. They weren’t all filmed, you could imagine at times they were reported on and written about.

Outside the Firehouse

Janine sits on the curb with Slimer floating in front of the firehouse waiting for the guys to say goodbye before going to California. She tries to tell them Slimer stowed away.

Sorry, I missed it: It seems like a goof, it may not be. Once Janine is inside the Firehouse, it looks like the Ghostbusters logo sign wasn’t drawn long enough. Almost like half a sign.

It just popped in there: Who is going to handle possible cases (small or major) while they’re away? Hopefully they won’t be in California for too many days. Soon as they drive away and Janine goes back inside the phone rings.


Finally The Real Ghostbusters who sorta drifted ECTO-1 onto the runway have arrived. All 4 The Real Ghostbusters exit the rear, wearing their Proton Packs. The reporter looks pretty mad they’re late for a private flight that can leave when they’re ready. Everyone knows that, even Egon.

It just popped in there: Is ECTO-1 just going to sit unlocked with the rear door open on the runway while The Real Ghostbusters are in California? I know they’re in a hurry because of Ray, why are they bringing their Proton Packs anyway? What about those full Ghost Traps that are still inside ECTO-1?

It’s technical/It just popped in there: How long can a full Ghost Trap retain a ghost? Until its emptied into the Ecto-Containment Unit?

It just popped in there: Why didn’t the studio go back to the live feed for the final time once The Real Ghostbusters arrive? Couldn’t a producer, etc tell the reporter as the guys are running to board a charter flight?

You’ll need a reference: The Real Ghostbusters plane number is GB4 obviously for the four Ghostbusters.

Airplane Cabin

As the female flight attendant is serving bags of peanuts, she does her best to ignore Peter who is sitting next to Egon, who may be doing calculations.

Quote: “Is that why she threw your luggage off the plane over Cleveland?” – Egon

It just popped in there: I know its a children’s show, if someone opened a presumably pressurized cabin door, (is the baggage part not pressurized?) couldn’t it cause harm not only to the passengers and crew, but for the plane as well?

Of course when you’re 8 you don’t know enough about how airplanes work anyway.

It just popped in there: Peter probably used his smooth charisma to charm the female flight attendant.

As the charter jet continues its flight to California, we see Peter’s luggage and clothing with cattle in the rural part of Cleveland.

Sorry, I missed it: When Ray discovers his sealed peanuts bag is empty, right after only Winston and Peter are wearing their black undershirts.

The Real Ghostbusters finally realize Slimer has been with them since they left New York.


We’re shown the bright contrast between sunny California and dark, night time New York as the plane is flying into Burbank.

It just popped in there: I liked the scene when it was current and it made me happy. Going into thirty years, episodes like Take Two have a real nostalgic ‘80s vibe.

Airplane Cockpit

While the pilots are flying into Burbank and Slimer is bothering them, the captain asks Slimer how long he’s been flying for. If Slimer truly understands, he says three years.

It just popped in there/You’ll need a reference: Which gives us an indication of when he may have become a ghost. This isn’t cannon to Ghostbusters where “Onionhead” had been at the Sedgewick Hotel presumably on the 12th floor for years. Perhaps while hotel staff and guests reported seeing Slimer, he couldn’t always fly.

Hollywood – Soundstage – Outside Ghostbusters Firehouse Set

You’ll need a reference: The iconic and historic firehouse which is known for Ghostbusters is actually 2 different firehouses built around the same time.

The well known exterior is Hook & Ladder #8, a working NYC Firehouse at the time Ghostbusters was filmed. Going into 30 years Ladder #8 still remains an operational firehouse.

The well known interior is part of the decommissioned Fire Station #23, located in Los Angeles, CA.

Similar (not in scale) to Take Two, models of Ghostbusters HQ were made depending on the scene.

You’ll need a reference: Actor, Producer, and Director Robert Redford probably couldn’t have played Peter’s part even if he wanted to. He was probably real busy playing Roy Hobbs in The Natural.

Quote: “What’s that, a law firm?” – Winston

You’ll need a reference: Dan Aykroyd (Ray) and Harold Ramis (Egon) created, wrote, and starred in Ghostbusters along with Bill Murray (Peter) who they had known for years. Ernie Hudson (Winston) would join them as their second employee after Annie Potts. (Janine)

You’ll need a reference: The earliest Ghostbusters script was written by Dan Aykroyd, dated January 20, 1983. Once Harold Ramis became a co-writer, with Ivan Reitman directing, and Bill Murray playing Peter the story really came together.

Their would be 4 additional drafts with the final script dated October 7, 1983.

Quote: “Well, its in English.” – Egon

Hollywood Soundstage – “B Rated” set


Two set builders open a boarded trap door floor area, stirring a sleeping blue ghost.

Hollywood – Soundstage – Inside Ghostbusters Firehouse Set (Garage/Office)

After The Real Ghostbusters are lead incorrectly through the Firehouse set, which is being worked on, they’re on another movie set that isn’t The Containment Unit where a giant mechanical monster is being filmed. The Real Ghostbusters react accordingly. With the monster down for repairs the once sleeping ghost enters the “monster.”

The Real Ghostbusters, particularly Peter get into a shouting match (and a physical fight) with the director of “Space Avengers of The Galaxy”

Quote: “Proton beams are only suppose to be used on ghosts.” – Egon

Studio Prop Shop

Despite some of their negative feelings The Real Ghostbusters decide to store their real Proton Packs on the table next to prop Ghost Detectors and a prop Ghost Trap. Egon, who was going to keep his P.K.E Meter with him gets a quick, faint reading. He dismisses it because of the studio’s electrical equipment.

Conveniently once they leave to meet people who are “dying to meet” them, two guys bring in 4 prop Proton Packs. Seeing the real packs and an order for only 4 packs, they take the real, heavier ones to storage. As they leave one guy triggers a Nutrona Wand which slightly disintegrates a paper cup.

Hollywood – Soundstage – “The Megazoid”


While the mechanical monster is being repaired and the director is asking about it, the ghost awakes inside, scaring the person repairing it and asking the director to be quiet. Not at all happy with being disturbed it breaks through the monster, showing its transformation.

You’ll need a reference: This is similar to what the “Toy Ghost” from near the end of Ghosts ‘R Us did.

It’s technical: Egon’s P.K.E Meter gets very high readings.

Hollywood – Studio – Hallway

Once The Real Ghostbusters know they’re dealing with a ghost, Bob leads The Real Ghostbusters back to the prop shop to get their Proton Packs.

It just popped in there: If those prop Proton Packs are lighter then the real ones, how did The Real Ghostbusters not know that once they’re wearing them and before they try to fire on the Megazoid ghost?

Hollywood Studio – Exterior Entrance/Soundstage – “B Rated” Laboratory set

While some Hollywood big wig is unable to get onto studio property, The Real Ghostbusters (without their packs) try to come up with a solution.

Hollywood Studio – Stage 9

It just popped in there: Why don’t they have their real packs by now? Where did Bob go? Is it because they’re still in storage, they don’t know that, and the guys who took the real ones earlier went home?

You’ll need a reference: About 3,000 miles east of the studio is of course the east coast of the United States, which would include New York City.

It’s technical: Egon (who conveniently has a spare P.K.E Meter) has adjusted both P.K.E Meters to pick up the particle beam energy of the Proton Packs.

Quote: “Exactly, it’ll give the survivors a much better chance.” – Egon

Hollywood Studio – Near Sound-Stages

Who knows where the Hollywood big wig went, the sleeping ghost which remains inside Megazoid is wandering the studio looking for a place to rest. Which isn’t easy when a fancy car is talking about open doors. It isn’t long before the sleeping ghost takes cares of that expensive car.

Hollywood Studio – Office Hallway – Movie Posters

Slimer who presumably is looking for The Real Ghostbusters comes across a theatrical poster against the wall for the completed Ghostbusters movie with all 4 The Real Ghostbusters. Which he quickly accidentally slimes.

You’ll need a reference: The Ghostbusters theatrical poster featured Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis. The iconic Ghostbusters “No Ghost” logo was designed by Michael Gross.

It just popped in there: Why would a major Hollywood studio already have a finished printed theatrical poster when the movie is still filming? True, we don’t know what could have been filmed. The Real Ghostbusters had only arrived recently, the Firehouse set was still being worked on, and the prop Proton Packs had been delivered to the studio prop shop. At least Ernie Hudson is on this poster. :p

Hollywood Studio – Monster Laboratory Set

While Ray and Winston are searching for the real Proton Packs they walk through a door onto a laboratory set where all the “deadly Dr. Crowley” movies are made.

You’ll need a reference: By Ray’s description of those films plots, sounds like the studio is either ripping off or paying homage to Frankenstein and 1950s “B Rated” science fiction films.

You’ll need a reference: Mary Shelly’s fictional monster, Frankenstein first appeared in a 16 minute short film in 1910!

You’ll need a reference: When I heard the name Crowley I also thought of of the Ozzy song, Mr. Crowley from The Blizzard of Oz, released in 1980. It might or might not have been the inspiration for the name.

Ray’s excitement by being on this set, causes him to become distracted, pushing buttons and pulling a lever. A large trap doorway on the floor where Winston is standing opens. He jumps out of the way, dropping the spare P.K.E Meter below. Unfortunately the real danger is beginning. The noise wakes the ghost who is still in the Megazoid monster.

Quote: “I told you those movies were bad for you.” – Winston

Soon after after Ray and Winston had run from the set (with the ghost wandering elsewhere) Egon and Peter come into the room, seeing the wrecked set, getting readings from Egon’s P.K.E Meter. He figures out that’s where the ghost was hiding.

Tobin’s Spirit Guide: (sorta) Sleeping Ghost – “Certain kinds of ghosts spend eternity looking for a nice, quiet place to sleep. When they’re awaken, they’re very cranky.”

Hollywood Studio – Old Western Set

After Peter less than more tells Ray about the sleeping ghost, he lets the Western theme believe they can defeat the ghost with their hands and wits.

It just popped in there: When Slimer thinks a Real Ghostbuster is crazy, its time to rethink a so called plan.

Hollywood Studio – Storage Wars

Using the tuned P.K.E Meter, Egon locates all 4 real Proton Packs. Peter radios to Ray and Winston about finding the Proton Packs and if they see the ghost, to have it follow them back to the Firehouse set. Which will not be a problem.

It just popped in there/It’s technical: How was Egon still able to locate the Proton Packs when Winston (thanks to Ray) dropped the spare P.K.E Meter into the hole on the lab set? If that Meter was still operational, Egon and Ray built the equipment to last…unless they don’t want it to!

Quote: “Not bad. if you could do that with lost keys we could make a fortune.” – Peter

Hollywood Studio – Exterior Entrance

The director of the “B Rated” monster movie was waiting for studio security to arrive so they can deal with the ghost in his way and get back to filming.

Fact: The Megazoid cost $2,000,000.

It just popped in there: Why would the security vehicle rear license plate just read security? It couldn’t be a personal plate.

Hollywood – Soundstage – Inside Ghostbusters Firehouse Set

As Ray and Winston arrive with the sleeping ghost damaging the Firehouse set, they quickly get their Proton Packs from Peter and Egon.

Quote: “In case of monster attack always head for a doorway. This concludes our safety tip for today.”

It just popped in there: We know Peter is witty, perhaps now isn’t the best time. At least give Ray and Winston their Proton Packs first.

The Real Ghostbusters try the usual approach to drive the ghost from the monster to trap it. The noise causes the sleeping ghost, still inside the monster to jump onto a cat walk. Ray wants to quickly react, Egon has the solution.

It’s technical: The Containment Unit is a quiet and peaceful place.

Egon sorta face-to-face with the sleeping ghost talks to it in sign language. Ray also understands sign language and tells the guys what Egon is signing.

You’ll need a reference: The earliest use of teaching sign language comes from a book published in 1620 by Juan Pablo de Bonet.

The first free school for the deaf was founded by Abbe Charles Michel de L’Epeen in Paris in 1755.

With the plan about to completely work, the loud mouth director arrives in the security vehicle with the sirens on.

Quote: “Crumbs.” – Egon

With the sleeping ghost out of the monster The Real Ghostbusters are finally able to use their equipment to trap it.

Peter knows who the director is and hopes this Megazoid movie will be better then the director’s last movie.

Quote: “Cheer up. Maybe we’ll send you a couple of tickets to our movie when it comes out.” – Winston

Ghostbusters Premiere (NYC) – Outside Theater

With the studio safe from a sleeping ghost, the film is completed and ready for its premiere in June 1984.

You’ll need a reference: Ghostbusters had its star studded premiere on June 7, 1984 at the Avco Cinema in Los Angeles, CA.

It just popped in there: Did The Real Ghostbusters have to bring a full Ghost Trap back with them on their chartered flight?

The Real Ghostbusters are 30 seconds late to their own movie because they were busting 4 full torso vapors.


It just popped in there: Did they catch these four ghosts in their tuxedos? Or did they change, probably in ECTO-1 That would explain bringing the full smoking Ghost Trap.

It just popped in there: Where is Janine? Unless Janine was already seated, she wasn’t at the premiere, left out of major fun once again!

It just popped in there: I know they were in a hurry again, why did Ray bring a very full Ghost Trap inside the theater? Isn’t that going to be distracting, (well maybe not for Ray) to the other guys and the audience who are watching Ghostbusters for the first time?

As they enter the theater with their popcorn (and Ghost Trap in tow?) Ghostbusters is playing.

You’ll need a reference: This is the only time actual footage (or clips) from Ghostbusters is shown. Because it is a cartoon for children and The Real Ghostbusters were late, we’re shown the “no ghost” logo after Alice has already been scared and the beginning of the University scene.

Dr. Venkman’s office door isn’t fully shown or the actual scene where Bill Murray is talking to his students. Probably for financial reasons, Bill Murray’s audio is replaced by a voice actor.

Quote: “You know. He doesn’t look a thing like me.” – Peter


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