Partners In Slime


Season 5, Episode 104 (DVD/EC #104)

Title: Partners In Slime

Originally aired: October  7, 1989

Written By: Richard Mueller

Reviewed: June 26, 2016

Watch It: Volume 4, Disc 2

Synopsis: An overstuffed ghost named Poso wishes to become the ghostfather of all ghosts. He kidnaps Janine and Louis and as ransom for their release, he demands that the Ghostbusters turn over their headquarters and their ghostbusting equipment.

Location: Mall Interior


It Just Popped In There: Seeing a mall (in there look) from the ’80s brings back fond memories of when I could go to one particular New Jersey mall.

It Just Popped In There: By 1989 Slimer had a life away from The Real Ghostbusters, probably a dream come true for Peter. The Green Ghost would have been well known and generally seen as harmless to the public. Still, I wonder could he go shopping at a mall and basically stay out of trouble?

It’s Technical: Slimer, seeing Janine and Louis in an elevator tries to enter as the doors close. Naturally the solid objects he is carrying couldn’t pass through solid metal doors. Why couldn’t Slimer? Just didn’t do whatever ghosts do so they can pass through solid things?

Location: Mall Interior – Elevator


It Just Popped In There: Was Janine and Louis that preoccupied with shopping they didn’t notice that the elevator operator, (by the way, fancy mall to have an elevator operator) is a ghost?


It Just Popped In There: Well, that may answer my technical question slightly.

Location: Firehouse HQ Interior – Room: Office Area


You’ll Need A Reference: Janine’s birthday is apparently today. Peter’s practicing of Happy Birthday seems to mimic musician and actor Elvis Presley.


  • “Peter, why can’t we just sing it like normal people?” – Egon
  • “Because I do a terrific Elvis baby momma*.”
  • “As an actor I have natural talent.” – Peter

*I didn’t quite catch what Peter was saying as he was reverting to Elvis before he talks about being an actor.

Sorry, I missed It: As Egon is asking Peter about singing, Ray’s undershirt is flesh toned color.

Quote: “You want to slow that down to 33 1/3.” – Ray

You’ll Need A Reference: See kids before the popularity of CDs and the invention of MP3s, we had records. You might know them today as vinyl. The 33 aka LPs (long playing record) could contain up to 60 minutes of music.

It Just Popped In There: While Slimer is trying to explain in his gibberish to English what happened at the mall with Janine and Louis, ECTO-1 isn’t parked inside. Yeah, could just be parked outside somewhere, hopefully near by.

Janine, (although she had quite a few boxes) wouldn’t necessarily need to borrow ECTO-1 as she has her own car.

Sorry, I missed It: I’m sure Egon had his black undershirt on before. Once he has a better idea of what’s happened to Janine and Louis, his undershirt is missing.

Location: Firehouse HQ Interior – Janine’s Desk


You’ll Need A Reference: The Ghostfather, Poso is a play on author Mario Puzo. Mario Puzo wrote The Godfather, which was first published in 1969. Marlon Brando played Don Vito Corleone. Poso somewhat (for a ghost) looks and speaks as Marlon Brandon portrayal as The Godfather.

It Just Popped In There: Unfortunately it still would have been normal in the 1980s. You wouldn’t see a character, even a ghost having a tobacco product in a children’s cartoon today.

It Just Popped In There: Presuming Poso could be trusted in the first place. Once Janine and Louis have been let go, The Real Ghostbusters would just return to business and get back what they temporarily could lose.

Tobin’s Spirit Guide/Occult Reference Net: Poso is a a Class VII organizer.


Tobin’s Spirit Guide/Occult Reference Net: Shifter is a Class V, third level evildoer.

You’ll Need A Reference: The Real Ghostbusters caught Shifter 2 weeks ago and he’s currently in the ECU.

Location: Firehouse HQ Interior – Room: Ecto-Containment Unit

It’s Technical: The Camera Trap can follow a ghost (usually Slimer) into the ECU. The Real Ghostbusters can monitor what they’re seeing. Once they locate the ghost they need to bring back the Camera Trap can go into action.

Location: Ecto-Containment Unit – Spirit World


It Just Popped In There: The Real Ghostbusters really had to work to catch the first ghosts Slimer encounters.


It Just Popped In There: Where does a 100 ft marshmallow man get a to scale yo-yo?

You’ll Need A Reference: Mr. Stay-Puft, besides being the character and the brand for The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Corporation became a lot more real when Dr. Ray Stantz tried to think of the most harmless thing that couldn’t hurt the GHOSTBUSTERS 5 years earlier.

He couldn’t help it, it just popped in their. Gozer now had the 1980s version of The Traveler! Fortunately for all somehow once Gozer was defeated, Stay-Puft became a gentle giant (most of the time) who moved to the pretty spacious ECU around The Real Ghostbusters series.

Quote: [to the Camera Trap] “That’s the big guy!” – Slimer

It Just Popped In There: If Slimer is telling The Real Ghostbusters Stay-Puft is “the big guy,” oh they really already knew that. 🙂


It Just Popped In There: Like earlier, where did Samhain get playing cards? How would ghosts have money? Or are those chips?

You’ll Need A Reference: Samhain first appeared in the season 1 episode, When Halloween Was Forever. He would return in the third season episode, Halloween II 1/2. Occasionally as with Partners In Slime can be seen inside the ECU.


Location: Firehouse HQ Interior – Room: Ecto-Containment Unit


It Just Popped In There: Can ghosts have lawyers? Or is Shifter thinking of the old days when he was both alive, yet still in trouble.


  • [to Shifter] “Hi, you’re probably wondering why we called you here.” – Ray
  • “Not really.” – Shifter
  • “See Ray, I told you ghosts are a pain in the…” – Peter


It’s Technical: Egon uses a Ghost Tether to cuff Shifter so he can’t get away.


  • “Yeah Shifter, why does he [Poso] want to take over our business?” – Ray
  • “Where you guys been hanging out man? On the moon?” – Shifter
  • “Poso wants to be The Ghostfather. Yeah man, the big boss. With your ghost busting gear he can control every ghost on the coast. They’d have to do whatever he said. Or he’d zap them. – Shifter

You’ll Need A Reference: Ghost Town, where Poso lives is located in New Jersey. By Trenton? Figures.

Location: Firehouse HQ Interior – Room: Living Room

Sorry, I Missed It: When The Real Ghostbusters are preparing Peter to go to Ghost Town, Egon’s “no ghost” logo has grown in size.


  • “What is this stuff?” – Peter
  • “I collected it last year after we battled Vigo the Carpathian. Its psycho-reactive slime.” – Egon
  • “It responds to your thoughts and emotions.” – Ray
  • “It should give you limited ghostly powers. And pass as the real thing.” – Egon
  • “You can even fly. [begins to fly with the bucket of psycho-reactive slime] I’m not completely sure how it works.” – Egon

You’ll Need A Reference: Last year to The Real Ghostbusters, (about 4 months for most of us) psycho-reactive slime (mood slime) was introduced in a major way in GHOSTBUSTERS II.

In Ghostbusters II, psycho-reactive slime was pink, not a yellow gold like color. It worked as Ray described. As far as we know no one could really fly because of it. Maybe Yanosh, that was probably more because of Vigo.

Speaking of which, Vigo was once a Carpathian prince who did some pretty terrible things in his life time. Brought it up any time his name was mentioned. C’mon Viggy, we achieved stuff! Besides being a ghostly monster, Vigo learned magic at the pre cursor for Hogwarts and imprinted his life into a now iconic painting of himself.

Location: Docks Exterior (Night)


Quote: Pick up the pace lite foot. We’re going to miss the last ferry to Jersey.” – Shifter

It Just Popped In There: If both Peter and Shifter (who is a ghost) can fly, why would they need a slow ferry to cross to New Jersey? Peter probably could use the practice anyway.

Location: Ghost Town (Somewhere in New Jersey)


What A Town: New Jersey has enough weird towns, we even have a magazine to point it all out.


It’s Technical: Winston and Ray are going to fly to Ghost Town in ECTO-2.

It Just Popped In There: Now that The Real Ghostbusters know about Ghost Town, it could become people town in the near future.


You’ll Need A Reference: Shifter is reading Ghoul Street Journal. Evening edition? Ghoul Street Journal is most likely a play on Wall Street Journal. Which was first published as a newspaper on July 8, 1889.


  • “That dump’s Ghost Town?” – Peter
  • “No, its Tahiti. But this is the off season.” – Shifter

You’ll Need A Reference: Besides being a magical place Tahiti is the name of the band that has sung episode specific songs in earlier seasons of The Real Ghostbusters.

Location: Ghost Town. Jail Interior


It Just Popped In There: If ghosts have there own town, why do they need (or still use) a human jail? Ghosts could presumably escape. Just in case people come around looking for trouble?

Quote: “Ecto-slime? Looks like I’ve just been pardoned.” – Peter

Location: Ghost Town. (Over)

It’s Technical: I’m mostly sure ECTO-2 is built pretty well. If all it takes is a bunch of Class II’s to slime the helicopter blades to make it stop flying, that seems like a major design flaw.

Location: Firehouse HQ Interior – Room: Ecto-Containment Unit


Quote: “That concludes our tour.” – Egon

Location: Ghost Town. Alley


Quote: “Concentrate Pete. Use the juice!” – Shifter

It Just Popped In There: Is juice the slang word for slime? Or do only ghosts tied to crime ghost families say that?

Quote: “Beam me up Shifty.” – Peter

You’ll Need A Reference: “Beam me up Scotty” or an actual variation on the quote comes from the original Star Trek series. Its 3 seasons ran on NBC from September 1966-June 1969.

Location: Ghost Town. Poso’s Hangout

Quote: “Rub-a-dub dub you big slimely tub.” – Peter

You’ll Need A Reference: While Peter is probably partially referencing a nursery rhyme, in Ghostbusters II Dana’s bathtub did become a big slime filled tub. Fortunately Dana was able to rescue Oscar and get out of her apartment.

Location: Ghost Town. Peso’s Hangout (Over)


It’s Technical: Is part of the Ghost Tether suppose to go inside a Ghost Trap? Hopefully it won’t somehow reverse the trapping process.

Location: Ghost Town. Outside of Poso’s former hangout.



  • “We made a pretty good team huh Pete?” – Shifter
  • “Yeah, yeah we did.” – Peter
  • “Take my advice. Stick to be human.” – Shifter



  • “Hmm, being psycho-reactive the slime has grown quite fond of you.” – Egon
  • “Easy Peter. Remember the slime mirrors your emotion.” – Egon

You’ll Need A Reference: Whether its coincidental or isn’t between the film and this episode, Dr. Venkman, played by Bill Murray in Ghostbusters II is the only Ghostbuster who didn’t go for a swim in a river of slime.