When The Real Ghostbusters ended in 1991, so would Kenner‘s RGBs toys. The series and its toys might as well be a time capsule. The ’90s were a different time from my 1980s youth. A pastel and happy world around me went into some gray place where people who had their whole lives ahead of them were feeling the heaviness of life. What’s it all mean man? When they weren’t feeling grunge, maybe they were about to get extreme. Someone corporate eventually took notice. To reach a demographic I was a part of a decade earlier, everything became extreme. Or seemed like it.

Sony who had plans for a new Ghostbusters cartoon, to be followed by a third Ghostbusters movie by the end of the decade had once considered calling this new Ghostbusters cartoon “Super Ghostbusters.” That would have been too 1992 though. Later in the decade anything extreme was (or should have been) on its way out.  This Ghostbusters cartoon was darker and edgier. It was no longer Real, but Extreme! Pretend I yelled that at you, extreme seemed to be about being loud as well as ‘safely dangerous.’

Somewhat like its predecessor Extreme Ghostbusters had a series of toy figures and vehicles. They were made by Trendmasters, who were acquired by Jakks Pacific in 2002.


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