My Ghostbusters Afterlife

Since the teaser trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Ecto-Containment Blog Post: January 2, 2020) was released on December 9, 2020 I haven’t posted much at Ecto-Containment about Ghostbusters: Afterlife or related merchandise. I’ve been meaning since 2020 (“better late then never”) to write a post before ever getting to the day where I’d be sharing the trailers about my personal life/why I haven’t updated Ecto-Containment often. No one has asked, I have written personal posts when I felt I needed to.

The day Sony released the now iconic Ghostbusters: Afterlife teaser trailer I was on vacation. Not any vacation, my first international one! I was in Jamaica (a blog post I should write) with my then girlfriend and her then family in part to celebrate her parents 50th wedding anniversary. On December 9, 2019, my still then girlfriend and I watched the teaser after I knew it had been released on my new iPhone 8. Which is about paid off. Being in a foreign country and not having my computers with me, I knew I wouldn’t be writing about Ghostbusters: Afterlife probably until January 2020.

I returned to the US and went back to work (day and night shifts) at a major grocery chain. Where within the month I celebrated the holidays and before New Years Eve proposed to my then finance.

It was January 2020, we had a wedding to plan! My work schedule continued to be what it needed to be. Before long I started hearing about a virus that began in China. Like a lot of people far away you don’t think it will be a problem where you live. I’m sure like a lot of Americans, (as I live in the US) I continued living my life as I usually would. Then March rolled around. Pretty much everyone in the world began dealing with Coronavirus.

I work and still do for a major US grocery chain. I was there as it seemed society was going to collapse. A LOT of people stocking up. Partially causing the original supply chain issues. Lockdown would come, people could still go to grocery stores. I still worked, because I had to. At times customers would thank me for being there. I’m doing my job, making a living. I was and am thankful. You could at least imagine why I would come home and not update a Ghostbusters news site, when their was the occasional news.

That crazy grocery shopping would continue. Along the way my then finance and I changed our wedding plans in part because at the time we could only have 10 people, including us. Thankfully the first weekend of May, it didn’t rain.

We were and still are personally dealing with Coronavirus everyday. I didn’t think Covid-19 ever would (naivety), hit close to home and work more then once. With everything Covid-19 is, my personal life and work schedule, (I often work before 6 AM) I like not being on-line (or at least on a computer) as much. I never meant not to post about some Ghostbusters news and anything around Afterlife.

I’m enjoying our Ghostbusters fandom and as I can bring the experience (news/content) to both Ecto-Containment and Ghostbusters International.

Thank you to everyone who has visited and supported Ecto-Containment throughout the years.

Richard Roy aka Spengs



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