My Ghostbusters Afterlife

Since the teaser trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Ecto-Containment Blog Post: January 2, 2020) was released on December 9, 2020 I haven’t posted much at Ecto-Containment about Ghostbusters: Afterlife or related merchandise. I’ve been meaning since 2020 (“better late then never”) to write a post before ever getting to the day where I’d be sharing the trailers about my personal life/why I haven’t updated Ecto-Containment often. No one has asked, I have written personal posts when I felt I needed to.

The day Sony released the now iconic Ghostbusters: Afterlife teaser trailer I was on vacation. Not any vacation, my first international one! I was in Jamaica (a blog post I should write) with my then girlfriend and her then family in part to celebrate her parents 50th wedding anniversary. On December 9, 2019, my still then girlfriend and I watched the teaser after I knew it had been released on my new iPhone 8. Which is about paid off. Being in a foreign country and not having my computers with me, I knew I wouldn’t be writing about Ghostbusters: Afterlife probably until January 2020.

I returned to the US and went back to work (day and night shifts) at a major grocery chain. Where within the month I celebrated the holidays and before New Years Eve proposed to my then finance.

It was January 2020, we had a wedding to plan! My work schedule continued to be what it needed to be. Before long I started hearing about a virus that began in China. Like a lot of people far away you don’t think it will be a problem where you live. I’m sure like a lot of Americans, (as I live in the US) I continued living my life as I usually would. Then March rolled around. Pretty much everyone in the world began dealing with Coronavirus.

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GBI Is Across Your Cities


Originally posted on January 2, 2020 at Ghostbusters International.

Ghostbusters International and an affiliated franchise are most likely already in your city. And easily accessible through your internet or telecommunications provider. As its been a number of years since GBI as a company and club has had a domain name, the time is right for GBI to not just have a dot wordpress dot com url.

It’s 2020, twenty twenty. Let that sink in. The GHOSTBUSTERS™ franchise celebrates it’s 36th anniversary by welcoming a continuation and a sequel of the original films with Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Obligatory plug: Coming to theaters on July 10, 2020. Directed by Jason Reitman. And all a new Ghostbusters film will bring to ghostheads.

I’ve wanted GBI to have a new domain name, it had to be the “right one.” And personally it had to feel right as well. I didn’t need to just celebrate the 35th anniversary by also having a domain name again for GBI.

This year it’s better early on to have a new domain name for Ghostbusters International, for Ghostbusters: Afterlife premiere, theatrical releases, and home video releases. With that, in digital text Ghostbusters International new dot com is:

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It’s A Rich Life


With recent updates to Ecto-Containment it has a more personal and preferable layout. It includes more space with additional features, is free from ads*, (no more hopefully medical ads!) and finally allows for me to sell directly at Ecto-Containment.

*I can monetize ads. I haven’t really looked into it. I may try it, I’m not sure I want ads.

If you’ve visited Ecto-Containment, Ghostbusters International, multiple other Ghostbusters sites I had a hand in, or my former personal site iRich you know that it’s a lot of sites which had or has a lot of Ghostbusters content, and I had kept non Ghostbusters content to just iRich.

That was changing and has changed. Ghostbusters will always be at the center of Ecto-Containment. I have other interests and occasionally like to write about them. At times to me they didn’t quite fit into the feel of Ecto-Containment. This week I “finally” figured that out. I made new, old blog posts and updated Ecto-Containment to reflect the changes.

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The Night I Met Chris Candido And Went To T.G.I Fridays


Personal WWE Network 1990s-2000s Chronlogical Events

  • Next: Wrestlemania 2000. When: April 2, 2000
  • Previous: ECW Hardcore TV 362. When: April 1, 2000


At the final WCW Uncensored PPV from March 19, 2000 Chris “Hard Knox” Candido made his WCW debut to basically get in on some Crusierweight division action and make an inside (maybe) statement about wrestlers having female valets. If wrestling fans had been watching for years, they knew that Tammy “Sunny” Sytch had been the valet/manager for Chris Candido in both WWF and WCW.

At a previous PPV, Superbrawl, Prince Iaukea who had established his “Artist” Prince character had won the Cruiserweight championship. Artist also had a valet, former Nitro girl Storm, now going by Paisley. If you’re not familiar or forgot she would later join WWE and become Queen Sharmell, at the side of her real life husband Booker T aka King Booker.

Even though I didn’t know it yet, I was to become a fan of Chris Candido. In hindsight I get why he debuted at WCW’s take on ECW. Originally Uncensored was the hardcore PPV where the rules were thrown out. That might have been the actual slogan. I know uncensored was said a lot. Their was even a Hardcore TV episode that totally made fun of the original Uncensored. In hindsight watching three promotions chronologically it (extreme) ruled.

In 2000, I hadn’t previously known Chris Candido had been part of ECW. And maybe a “blink and you’ll miss it” second run in WWF. This is probably not saying much, Chris Candido was an entertaining character. Even with 2000 internet, (at least it was broadband) I wasn’t real aware that Chris Candido like myself is from New Jersey or that The Garden State “bred” quite a few professional wrestlers.

While I don’t know the exact date, most likely before WCW’s final Nitro in March 2001, it is probably why my friend Joe (the one and only) and I had a chance to go to an independent wrestling promotion event.

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How I Got Back Into Wrestling


My 1980s wrestling memories (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, July 10, 2018) seem to consist of me watching WWF and WCW shows with my dad while falling asleep. I didn’t watch either promotion regularly and as I was growing up, I moved away from it all together.

Interest may have waned as I was finding other things to like more along with real life priorities. And if my dad wasn’t watching, pro wrestling wouldn’t have been important. I also grew up and felt childhood was over on November 4, 1989. I wrote more about life events (warning: heavy emotions) around my Ghostbusters II memories. (Ecto-Containment Page)

In either 1992 or 1993 around other personal events I’d prefer not to get into now I was thinking I’ll watch some current wrestling. I couldn’t tell you the exact date, it was a weekend.

As an aside because you need to know: Back then I was about 5 years into having my own Sharp 13 inch television. It originally had rabbit ears kids, eventually my parents allowed me to have a cable box.


Outside of WCW Saturday Night, most weekend wrestling shows on TV were syndicated. I was “flipping” around and most likely came across WCW Worldwide. Which if I remember aired on channel 9 (WWOR-TV) in New Jersey. I didn’t know the look of WCW show(s) at the time, who would have been the active wrestlers, or any storylines. I remember the feel of 1980s WWF. What was I beginning to see? Some wrestler (honestly I don’t know who it was, famous or not) coming through a stage/entrance set. Their were lasers I think. Or might have been colorful lighting. I was out before the guy ever got to the ring.

That was it, I wouldn’t watch wrestling again until 1997.

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Mostly 1980s Professional Wrestling Memories


So I moved a year ago. I didn’t really get back to Ecto-Containment until I was at better quarters way off campus. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, September 22, 2017)

As is usually the case I’ve also been wanting to write about non Ghostbusters topics. I hadn’t made time for it. These other interests don’t warrant full blown sites, though I played around with lay outs way back in case it made sense.

Today I have something I’ve been wanting to cover. It can be “nerdy,” it isn’t the usual topic I could write about. That is:

Professional wrestling.

To partially take a break from real life through the years, I’ve watched professional wrestling or “sports entertainment.” If you look or are my friend at Ecto-Containment Facebook page you may have seen me talk about the ’90s Monday Night Wars.

I’ve thought about adding those posts here. If I do that I thought I’d give some context. Grab some Skittles and a can of Surge. Or prepare to take a nap.

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Ecto-Containment Store/Selling Update


Throughout the month I’ve had a few posts for my Kenner The Real Ghostbusters collectibles I’ve been selling this year. I was recently hired at a new company, Selling just about all my Ghostbusters collectibles like it was a full time job isn’t as necessary.

I’ve removed a few for sale posts on Ecto-Containment and Facebook with the exception of The Real Ghostbusters Fire House (Ecto-Containment Page) which I didn’t create a for sale post on Ecto-Containment.

If items are listed in the Ecto-Containment Store they will continue to be available until they aren’t. I’ll still be adding items (either to the store or social media) as I can, which may be easier on my schedule.

For example today I re-added my Underground Toys “Angry Face” Singing Stay-Puft (EC Facebook Post) at a new lower price of $15.00 USD.

With less “for sale” posts I’d like to see more content posts, as schedules allow.

Photo Source: Ecto-Containment

Better Quarters Way Off Campus


It’s been less than two months since I moved. If you followed a little of the progress through Ecto-Containment’s Facebook page you know that I moved out of Jersey, had to wait for movers to deliver things, hook up internet, and I’ve been watching 1990s professional wrestling.

That didn’t mean I wasn’t reading, listening, and sometimes watching “news from the world ‘o Gozer.” I’ve been wanting to get back to Ecto-Containment so I can write about Ghostbusters and add new content.

If you’ve been here since before July it’s noticeable I updated Ecto-Containment with a new and updated layout. Including updated Ecto-Containment logo and new (in a long time) site browser icon.

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Ghostbusters Collectibles For Sale


Photo originally from Kenner, I don’t own any display signs.

Before I have to move I’d like to try to sell Ghostbusters collectibles, (with some other 1980s properties) from my collection. I’d prefer at this time if possible not to have to ship items. Particularly large items. That might depend on price, the item, and my personal time in getting ready to move. That’s why I haven’t tried to sell on eBay up to now.

I’ve made a list as a PDF file and uploaded it to Google Drive folder.* I’ll also add the items in this post and when possible update the file Prices sometimes were gauged from what was recently listed on eBay. If their isn’t a price, please make a serious offer. Prices are listed in USD.

*Link removed to fill orders.

Toys, figures, and collectibles were bought from December 2010 throughout 2011. Toys are in box or on card with most, if not all its packaging and any accessories. Some exceptions may apply. Their may be wear in boxes or to cards, particularly from the 1980s. From 2010 to July 2017 toys, figures, and collectibles come from a smoke free home.

What am I selling? Mostly Ghostbusters and He-Man. Classic Collection Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A couple of items from Back To The Future.

Blog Post Photo: Originally from Kenner

Personal Update June 2017


Going back to about March I finally had the paperwork to settle my parent’s estate. I wasn’t 100% ready to try until end of Spring.

I would have liked to have had more time for Ghostbusters blog posts and site content around Ghostbusters 33rd anniversary and Ghostbusters II 28th anniversary. I kept up when possible through the sites social media accounts.

The week going into Father’s Day I called my real estate agent and once the listing went live there were showings Friday, Saturday, and Monday. Offers were made almost immediately. A week ago I agreed and the process continues.

I’ve been getting ready to move when the time comes. I probably won’t write news posts or create site content until after I move. I’ll be around both Ecto-Containment and Ghostbusters International social media when possible.

In part because of my upcoming move I am looking to sell quite a bit of my collection from Ghostbusters and not surprisingly other ’80s properties. I’ll be writing about that separately.

Photo Source: A photo I took in my backyard, I believe at my dads request.


The Ghost Busters


Yes, you’re on the right sight, Ecto-Containment, a Ghostbusters site for ghostheads. Fans of what was Dan Ackroyd’s original vision of a supernatural comedy, then “grounded in reality” with the help of Harold Ramis, Ivan Reitman, and all those involved.

Eleven years before GHOSTBUSTERS was at your favorite theater The Ghost Busters was on your TV screen. I wouldn’t have known that as I was born when President Carter was nearing the end of his Presidency.

The Ghost Busters was a live action sitcom starring Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch. Bob Burns played Tracy, an intelligent Gorilla. I think I can honestly say I’ve never seen a complete episode of The Ghost Busters. Basically knowing that two guys and a Gorilla had been on TV and were kinda like Ghostbusters. Any preconceptions came long after I had seen GHOSTBUSTERS in theaters and was watching The Real Ghostbusters every week.

I grew up with the Ghostbusters franchise and chose it as “the” Ghostbusters over any competition it might have had. Including the animated GHOSTBUSTERS.

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