It’s A Rich Life


With recent updates to Ecto-Containment it has a more personal and preferable layout. It includes more space with additional features, is free from ads*, (no more hopefully medical ads!) and finally allows for me to sell directly at Ecto-Containment.

*I can monetize ads. I haven’t really looked into it. I may try it, I’m not sure I want ads.

If you’ve visited Ecto-Containment, Ghostbusters International, multiple other Ghostbusters sites I had a hand in, or my former personal site iRich you know that it’s a lot of sites which had or has a lot of Ghostbusters content, and I had kept non Ghostbusters content to just iRich.

That was changing and has changed. Ghostbusters will always be at the center of Ecto-Containment. I have other interests and occasionally like to write about them. At times to me they didn’t quite fit into the feel of Ecto-Containment. This week I “finally” figured that out. I made new, old blog posts and updated Ecto-Containment to reflect the changes.

In September 2013 instead of working on a new Ghostbusters costume I decided to talk about Back To The Future and almost immediately begin my version of a Marty McFly costume. I called the earliest of those posts Back To The Near.

On May 1, 2019 I added a Back To The Future page to the Movies section, linking to the new “Back To The Near” posts.

The more challenging question was where to put three pro wrestling posts I wrote at iRich in 2018. I made new blog posts today and this afternoon decided I can rename Rich Collectibles to Rich Life (my name and a play on words can be fun) and just link to both BTTF and Sports Entertainment articles.

If you’ve ever read my non Ghostbusters articles too, thank you.

Photo Source: Forbes


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