Gooper Ghost: Sludge Bucket


Gooper Ghost: Sludge Bucket gets its name because it can hold Ectoplasm in its mouth. Once when Kenner open-mic they said Sludge Bucket is really a mouthful! Kenner also told kids that Sludge Bucket looked innocent to unsuspecting hero figures. These are the same The Real Ghostbusters who faced off against Slimer, Stay-Puft, other Bug-Eyed ghosts, and two Gooper Ghosts already. They’re The Real Ghostbusters, they suspect most ghosts aren’t around for good reasons.


When slime (Ecto•Plazm) is emptied into Gooper Ghost: Sludge Bucket it can slime a hero figure by pumping its tail up and down. Creating huge “slime bubbles” until they pop, sliming any of The Real Ghostbusters. Once Sludge Bucket thinks it has a hero figure for lunch it licks its lips. How will The Real Ghostbusters escape? It’s up to time traveling 30 something year olds to “finish the adventure.”


Sludge Bucket Instructions PDF (3.2 MB)


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