The Real Ghostbusters have equipment to catch ghosts and a Fire House to live and work at. What kind of vehicles do they use for calls and capturing ghosts? A variety of Ectomobiles depending on the call.


The Real Ghostbusters mainly relied on and drove their favorite car, the ECTO-1. The Ecto-1 features a “swiveling blaster seat” and a ghost claw that was built into the rear of the car.

Probably to make Ecto-1 more to scale with The Fire House, their wasn’t a back seat so all 4 hero figures could sit in the ectomobile. A third figure could sit (with a seatbelt) on the roof while an unlucky figure kinda sat in the rear of Ecto-1.


Ecto-1‘s front doors and rear door open (downward like a ramp) to enter and exit the car.

Probably because of lack of space and for more fun, Ecto-1 doesn’t have the roof mounted proton cannon that’s seen in the movie and the cartoon. The roof mounted swivel seat that takes its place (called a gunner seat) has GhostBlasters that rotate from the attached seat.

Toy Fact: The gunner seat can be stored inside Ecto-1 for “undercover work.”

If The Real Ghostbusters capture a ghost while driving to a call or back to The Fire House they can use Ecto-1’s ghost claw to “grab” the ghost (included) and reel it in.



10 thoughts on “Ecto-1

      • Thank you very much, now I can put my ecto-1 in conditions 🙂
        Do you know the dimensions for the ecto-1a decals?


      • You’re welcome, glad I can help another ghosthead! The Kenner Ecto-1A decals I scanned are 1846 X 1020. The “river of slime” decals, which include the rear window, Slimer, and pink slime is 1540 X 1081.


      • I’ll give you the dimensions based on centimeters and inches. Hopefully that will help.

        For the Ecto-1 decals, the width is 3.095 inches by 4.625 inches for the height. In cm it’s 7.861 (width) by 11.748 (height).

        The Ecto-1A decals are 9.23 inches (width) by 5.1 inches (height). Or 23.444 cm (width) by 12.954 (height).

        The “river of slime” decals are 7.7 inches (width) by 5.405 inches (height). Or 19.558 cm (width) by 13.729 (height)


      • You’re welcome. Instead of only giving you the dimensions by pixels, I should have originally included inches and centimeters. I thought at that time you might use software that could show width and height by inches or centimeters. It’s okay, a misunderstanding. Happy to help how I can!


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