The Real Ghostbusters have equipment to catch ghosts and a Fire House to live and work at. What kind of vehicles do they use for calls and capturing ghosts? A variety of Ectomobiles depending on the call.


The Real Ghostbusters mainly relied on and drove their favorite car, the ECTO-1. The Ecto-1 features a “swiveling blaster seat” and a ghost claw that was built into the rear of the car.

Probably to make Ecto-1 more to scale with The Fire House, their wasn’t a back seat so all 4 hero figures could sit in the ectomobile. A third figure could sit (with a seatbelt) on the roof while an unlucky figure kinda sat in the rear of Ecto-1.


Ecto-1‘s front doors and rear door open (downward like a ramp) to enter and exit the car.

Probably because of lack of space and for more fun, Ecto-1 doesn’t have the roof mounted proton cannon that’s seen in the movie and the cartoon. The roof mounted swivel seat that takes its place (called a gunner seat) has GhostBlasters that rotate from the attached seat.

Toy Fact: The gunner seat can be stored inside Ecto-1 for “undercover work.”

If The Real Ghostbusters capture a ghost while driving to a call or back to The Fire House they can use Ecto-1’s ghost claw to “grab” the ghost (included) and reel it in.


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