Proton Pack


I first saw Ghostbusters in theaters when I was six. I had a real wonderment about the ghosts in the movie and the equipment that caught them had almost magical qualities to me. If I thought the proton pack was really cool I couldn’t have imagined how happy Kenner was going to make me a mere few years later. By then we were beginning to learn more about how the proton pack worked and its features. Just wearing one made a kid part of The Real Ghostbusters team! You thought it was the uniform.


Speaking of which every boy who was on a The Real Ghostbusters toy box practically had movie quality costumes. I wanted one I’m sure like many kids. Kenner didn’t make The Real Ghostbusters costumes. Most likely licensing. To make it up to kids they included a “no ghost” logo arm band and ID card. Another company did sell plastic/vinyl Real Ghostbusters costumes (Egon being most memorable) in the mid ‘80s and probably another company by 1989 did sell children’s Ghostbusters costumes. Just not The Real Ghostbusters types.


The Real Ghostbusters proton pack (like the P.K.E Meter) was different from its movie counterpart. The simpler design was probably to differentiate from Ghostbusters and saved time for the artists/animators. It still had enough details for the time that it might as well have been real. You could pretty much “operate” it the way The Real Ghostbusters did in an episode.


The Proton Pack’s Nutrona Blaster came with a long, flexible yellow foam proton stream. Like the Ghost Popper and Ecto-Popper the foam proton stream could be inserted into the front of the Nutrona Blaster. To “fire” the proton pack a kid pushes the trigger which makes clicking, proton stream like noises. If a child needs to use a P.K.E Meter or is finished ghost busting the Nutrona Blaster can slide onto and sit on the right hand side hook. Just like in The Real Ghostbusters!



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