This site, Ecto-Containment, formerly Ectocontainment could have never existed without Dan Aykroyd, Ivan Reitman, Harold Ramis, and all involved with the productions of creating GHOSTBUSTERS,™ which easily established The Real Ghostbusters. Which would lead to GHOSTBUSTERS II,™ and lead to a timeless and digital fan base.

Fair Use

Ghostbusters titles, “no ghost” logos, characters, and other in universe creations owned by Columbia Pictures Industries Inc. A Sony Pictures company. As a life long ghosthead, Ghostbusters related material used from either of the movies, The Real Ghostbusters, and Extreme Ghostbusters is used for reference and entertainment purposes. While my general understanding is that Ghostbusters web sites fall under the fair use of copyright law if something needs to be removed, please email me at spengs @ ecto-containment dot com.

Photos used in blog posts or on Ecto-Containment pages not belonging to Sony/Columbia are the property of their respective copyright owners. Logos and photos are usually used for reference and entertainment purposes. People, companies, and/or web sites are credited.

Additional credits may also be listed either here or on the respective Ecto-Containment page.

Personal Photos

Photos watermarked with Rich Collectibles, iRich, Ectocontainment, or Ecto-Containment were taken by Richard Roy aka Spengs. They shouldn’t be used elsewhere without permission.

If you’re a ghosthead, the least you could do is credit me. A link to Ecto-Containment would be appreciated.



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