After Ghostbusters II Kenner slightly retooled (used loosely) the original ECTO-1 they sold so they could sell it as ECTO-1A.


First thing we visibly notice is the new Ecto-1A box graphics. I’m not positive, by 1990 I don’t think Kenner was still printing the Ecto-1 box graphics to sell both Ecto-1s. Big words to come, it would have been most likely cost prohibited.

Once a kid and/or older cousin open the box, they might be disappointed that without decals, this is the same exact Ecto-1 as the original. The decals are what turn Ecto-1 into Ecto 1A. Since then other companies have made more accurate Ecto-1A toys.


Note: Since Ecto-1A is built the same as Ecto-1, part of the write up is taken from my Ecto-1 write up.

Ecto-1A‘s front doors and rear door open (downward like a ramp) to enter and exit the car. Probably because of lack of space and for more fun, Ecto-1A doesn’t have the roof mounted proton cannon that’s seen in the movie and on the cartoon Ecto-1. The roof mounted swivel seat that takes its place (called a gunner seat) has GhostBlasters that rotate from the attached seat.

Toy Fact: The gunner seat can be stored inside Ecto-1A for “undercover work.”

Ecto 1A Fact: Although the events that took place during Ghostbusters II are acknowledged in the episode Partners In Slime, The Real Ghostbusters never converted Ecto-1 into Ecto-1A.

If The Real Ghostbusters capture a ghost while driving to a call or back to The Fire House they can use Ecto-1A’s ghost claw to “grab” the ghost (included) and reel it in.



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