Iconic angry face version of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man! Press the plushy (not made of actual marshmallows) tummy to hear Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters! Each plush measures approximately 9-inches tall. “When there’s something strange, in the neighborhood. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!” Plush comes from a smoke free and pet free residence.

Source: Ecto-Containment


In 2011 Matty Collector went beyond our childhood nostalgia, recreating (Real) Ghostbusters figures based on the kind of figures kids had in 1970 something.

I had all 4 Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters. I sold Retro-Action Peter, Egon, and Winston in previous years. Retro-Action Ray, “the heart” of the Retro-Action Real Ghostbusters could make a great addition to a collection or for a ghosthead in the 21st Century to play with.

“Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters! Travel back in time with the Retro-Action Ghostbusters Figure Collection Character styling based on the popular animated TV series “The Real Ghostbusters,” from the 1980s Captures the look and feel of nostalgic soft-body figures from the ’70s and ’80s Features 8″ nostalgic action figure in authentic cloth retro-styling with signature Ghostbusters accessory.” Thin card has some shelf wear. Figure comes from a smoke free and pet free residence.


Retro-Action Janine Melnitz & Retro-Action Samhain are the only Matty Collector Retro-Action figures from series 2. They were released in 2011 as a “2 pack.” Eventually appearing at Toys ‘R Us. Which is where I bought this set. Retro-Action Janine Melnitz & Retro-Action Samhain hasn’t been opened. Includes a “to scale” Slimer, Proton Pack, Ghost Trap, P.K.E Meter, Specter Detector, and 22″ Firehouse Diorama! Figures come from a smoke free and pet free residence.

Source: Ecto-Containment

I’ve added a new item to the Ecto-Containment Store. Around 2012 I bought an Extreme Ghostbusters Ecto-1 sealed in box, until 2015.

Now, during Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary, its for sale.

ø Firing Pop-Up Missile Launcher! ø Blazing Lights & Action Sounds! ø Awesome Action Ghost Trap! ø Fits All “EGB” Action Figures! I’ve owned this Extreme Ghostbusters Ecto-1 in box since around 2012. It was sealed in box until I opened it in 2015 for review on Ecto-Containment. EGB Ecto-1 comes with original packaging and includes accessories. Please see photos and review for more about Extreme Ghostbusters Ecto-1! Vehicle comes from a smoke free and pet free residence.


Source: Ecto-Containment


In the first attempt (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, February 13, 2018) at having an on-line store, things didn’t go as well as I would have liked. That came down to not having a real/direct way through Ecto-Containment to process payments.

This year because of recent updates I’m able to sell on site and with PayPal. Today I updated the Store with 6 Kenner The Real Ghostbusters toys.

Separately I’m selling in the Store my Kenner Firehouse Headquarters/Fire Station.

On the updated Matty Collector Figures page in the Store I’ve added thirteen 6″ figures based on Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, and Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

More Matty and other Ghostbusters collectibles to be added. Thank you for checking out the Store. If you have a question or are looking for something, please comment or email me at: spengs @ ecto-containment . com.


It’s A Rich Life


With recent updates to Ecto-Containment it has a more personal and preferable layout. It includes more space with additional features, is free from ads*, (no more hopefully medical ads!) and finally allows for me to sell directly at Ecto-Containment.

*I can monetize ads. I haven’t really looked into it. I may try it, I’m not sure I want ads.

If you’ve visited Ecto-Containment, Ghostbusters International, multiple other Ghostbusters sites I had a hand in, or my former personal site iRich you know that it’s a lot of sites which had or has a lot of Ghostbusters content, and I had kept non Ghostbusters content to just iRich.

That was changing and has changed. Ghostbusters will always be at the center of Ecto-Containment. I have other interests and occasionally like to write about them. At times to me they didn’t quite fit into the feel of Ecto-Containment. This week I “finally” figured that out. I made new, old blog posts and updated Ecto-Containment to reflect the changes.

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When Ghostbusters was celebrating its 24th anniversary I began to preserve out of print Ghostbusters content, adding it to then Ectocontainment. Trivia: I’m pretty sure it was The Real Ghostbusters Jumbo Coloring Book. (PDF file) I didn’t even have a physical copy of it! In 2011 I did have plenty of physical Real/Ghostbusters out of print materials to preserve. Mainly my legacy with The Real Ghostbusters Magazine(s) and NOW The Real Ghostbusters comics. They were originally hosted at Ectocontainment, later Ecto-Containment. The digital files would evolve thanks to ghostheads Matthew Jordan and Paul Rudoff. From then to present day as I had or was given permission to share “newer” physical content I did and would.

Originally my files were so large I didn’t have enough space to host them all at Ecto-Containment. Even with a team effort and so I could host other files here I made the decision to move all the preservation files from the basement to upstairs. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, April 22, 2015)

All periodicals have been at Ghostbusters Firehouse for the last 4 years to this day. I’ve always wanted to bring it all back to Ecto-Containment. That was my plan. Today on my day off that’s exactly what I did. Read More


Various Actors From Original 1984 Film And Ghostbusters II To Make Rare Appearances At Live Event On Sony Pictures Studio Lot Celebrating Ghostbusters’ 35th Anniversary

80suniversitystudentsCULVER CITY, Calif., April 22, 2019 — From actors who portrayed “Slimer,” “Gozer” and bit parts to stunt doubles and visual effects crew, 11 of the less heralded men and women who made Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II into the flagship films of one of cinema’s most beloved franchises have been added to Ghostbusters Fan Fest, presented by Wizard World, set for June 7-8 on the famed Sony Pictures Studio Lot in Culver City, Calif. In addition, Violet Ramis Stiel, daughter of Ghostbusters writer and actor Harold Ramis, and author of Ghostbusters Daughter: Life with My Dad, Harold Ramis will attend.

The event, celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the original film and 30th of Ghostbusters II, today announced that the following have confirmed attendance from Ghostbusters: actors Mark Bryan Wilson (“Slimer”), Billy Bryan (“Stay Puft”), Jennifer Runyon (“female student”), Timothy Carhart (“violinist”), Steve Tash (“male student”), Tom Morga (stunt double, “Dr. Egon Spengler,” others), Tony Cecere (stunts); crew: Steve Johnson (visual effects/sculptor). From Ghostbusters II, appearing are actors Robin Shelby (“Slimer”), Tim Lawrence (“Scoleri brother”) and Jim Fye (“Scoleri brother”).

The supporting cast and crew, who will participate in fan Q&As, join a lineup of celebrities headlined by Ghostbusters (1984) stars Dan Aykroyd (Dr. Raymond Stantz), Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore), director and producer Ivan Reitman and upcoming 2020 Ghostbusters film director and co-writer Jason Reitman, theme song singer-songwriter Ray Parker Jr., as well as a non-stop series of interactive experiences, live music, costumes, meetups, impersonators, reenactors and more all day.

Other popular guests from the Ghostbusters universe scheduled to attend include William Atherton (“Walter Peck,” Ghostbusters), Joe Medjuck (producer, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, The Real Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters: ATC), Sheldon Kahn (editor, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II), Maurice LaMarche (“Dr. Egon Spengler,” The Real Ghostbusters), Dave Coulier (“Dr. Peter Venkman,” The Real Ghostbusters), and Frank Welker (“Dr. Raymond Stantz,” “Slimer,” The Real Ghostbusters).

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In 2011 I began preserving The Real Ghostbusters Magazine(s) (Ghostbusters Firehouse section) from my physical collection. The project wouldn’t have started or evolved without Paul Rudoff (Spook Central) or Matthew Jordan (Ghostbusters Wiki). The project as I knew it has been completed long since Ghostbusters had its 30th anniversary.

“Five years later” as Paul completed his RGBs Magazine collection he contacted us about a regular cover for Fall 1989. (Ghostbusters Firehouse page) The physical issue I have and had scanned. Which I suppose is a variant cover. Best I can recall from childhood, I had the variant cover which advertised the included “Fun & Fitness” supplement.

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Personal WWE Network 1990s-2000s Chronlogical Events

  • Next: Wrestlemania 2000. When: April 2, 2000
  • Previous: ECW Hardcore TV 362. When: April 1, 2000


At the final WCW Uncensored PPV from March 19, 2000 Chris “Hard Knox” Candido made his WCW debut to basically get in on some Crusierweight division action and make an inside (maybe) statement about wrestlers having female valets. If wrestling fans had been watching for years, they knew that Tammy “Sunny” Sytch had been the valet/manager for Chris Candido in both WWF and WCW.

At a previous PPV, Superbrawl, Prince Iaukea who had established his “Artist” Prince character had won the Cruiserweight championship. Artist also had a valet, former Nitro girl Storm, now going by Paisley. If you’re not familiar or forgot she would later join WWE and become Queen Sharmell, at the side of her real life husband Booker T aka King Booker.

Even though I didn’t know it yet, I was to become a fan of Chris Candido. In hindsight I get why he debuted at WCW’s take on ECW. Originally Uncensored was the hardcore PPV where the rules were thrown out. That might have been the actual slogan. I know uncensored was said a lot. Their was even a Hardcore TV episode that totally made fun of the original Uncensored. In hindsight watching three promotions chronologically it (extreme) ruled.

In 2000, I hadn’t previously known Chris Candido had been part of ECW. And maybe a “blink and you’ll miss it” second run in WWF. This is probably not saying much, Chris Candido was an entertaining character. Even with 2000 internet, (at least it was broadband) I wasn’t real aware that Chris Candido like myself is from New Jersey or that The Garden State “bred” quite a few professional wrestlers.

While I don’t know the exact date, most likely before WCW’s final Nitro in March 2001, it is probably why my friend Joe (the one and only) and I had a chance to go to an independent wrestling promotion event.

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My 1980s wrestling memories (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, July 10, 2018) seem to consist of me watching WWF and WCW shows with my dad while falling asleep. I didn’t watch either promotion regularly and as I was growing up, I moved away from it all together.

Interest may have waned as I was finding other things to like more along with real life priorities. And if my dad wasn’t watching, pro wrestling wouldn’t have been important. I also grew up and felt childhood was over on November 4, 1989. I wrote more about life events (warning: heavy emotions) around my Ghostbusters II memories. (Ecto-Containment Page)

In either 1992 or 1993 around other personal events I’d prefer not to get into now I was thinking I’ll watch some current wrestling. I couldn’t tell you the exact date, it was a weekend.

As an aside because you need to know: Back then I was about 5 years into having my own Sharp 13 inch television. It originally had rabbit ears kids, eventually my parents allowed me to have a cable box.


Outside of WCW Saturday Night, most weekend wrestling shows on TV were syndicated. I was “flipping” around and most likely came across WCW Worldwide. Which if I remember aired on channel 9 (WWOR-TV) in New Jersey. I didn’t know the look of WCW show(s) at the time, who would have been the active wrestlers, or any storylines. I remember the feel of 1980s WWF. What was I beginning to see? Some wrestler (honestly I don’t know who it was, famous or not) coming through a stage/entrance set. Their were lasers I think. Or might have been colorful lighting. I was out before the guy ever got to the ring.

That was it, I wouldn’t watch wrestling again until 1997.

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So I moved a year ago. I didn’t really get back to Ecto-Containment until I was at better quarters way off campus. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, September 22, 2017)

As is usually the case I’ve also been wanting to write about non Ghostbusters topics. I hadn’t made time for it. These other interests don’t warrant full blown sites, though I played around with lay outs way back in case it made sense.

Today I have something I’ve been wanting to cover. It can be “nerdy,” it isn’t the usual topic I could write about. That is:

Professional wrestling.

To partially take a break from real life through the years, I’ve watched professional wrestling or “sports entertainment.” If you look or are my friend at Ecto-Containment Facebook page you may have seen me talk about the ’90s Monday Night Wars.

I’ve thought about adding those posts here If I do that I thought I’d give some context. Grab some Skittles and a can of Surge. Or prepare to take a nap.

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