Episode Review: Flip Side


Before Ghostbusters (2016) US release date I thought for fun and a “wink and nod” kind of thing I would review a The Real Ghostbusters episode that could relate to this new Ghostbusters movie. Part of that thinking would have honored an animated Janine who was a Real Ghostbuster when she needed to be. I also thought to review Copycat because of its title and a part where the ghost copies the “no ghost” logo. I also could have reviewed Extreme Ghostbusters final episodes, Back In The Saddle. Either and more episodes from The Real Ghostbusters would have worked.

Then it did “pop in their.” Ghostbusters (2016) marketing (it was in the trailer) has a scene  with one of the new Ghostbusters characters kinda just at a place with a wig on, which at least startles another new Ghostbuster. I remembered a slightly different scene from Flip Side, an episode of The Real Ghostbusters I saw for the first time when I was 10. And I’ve also been wanting to re-watch the episode.


Investigating a bizarre tornado in Central Park, the Ghostbusters are tossed into another dimension, a strange place that is the exact opposite of New York City. In a world populated by ghosts, the heroes must evade capture by their own ghostly counterparts, the human hunting Peoplebusters!

See The Real Ghostbusters on the Flip Side!

Source: Volume 3, Disc 5

Ghostbusters Limited Edition Loot Crate


In May the box subscription service  Loot Crate announced a new Limited Edition Crate. One that would celebrate the Ghostbusters film franchise for both the 20 and 21 centuries. With Ghostbusters (2016) on the horizon from Columbia Pictures, a Sony Pictures Entertainment company, new and “classic” merchandise could mean an all Ghostbusters crate was indeed possible.

Last month around Ghostbusters 32 anniversary ghostheads were able to place their orders. Personally I don’t subscribe to any subscription box services. For a limited edition all Ghostbusters collectibles, I wouldn’t normally need to give buying  a second thought. I did as with Ghostbusters (2016) being the shiny new Ghostbusters movie I knew their could be more Ghostbusters (2016) collectibles then GHOSTBUSTERS ones.

I decided if their was one or more items I didn’t want I could sell hopefully for a small profit. I took a plunge into a river of Ghostbusters collectible. Which shipped in early July and arrived from California a little earlier this week.

Before I talk about the items and show 22 additional photos I will provide the following:

Handy Disclaimer

If you ordered this Limited Edition Loot Crate and either haven’t received your order yet and would like the element of surprise to have your own enjoyment, you may want to read my reviews of other Ghostbusters collectibles. They can be found under iRich.

Possible spoilers ahead.

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Ecto-Containment July Site Update


July Updates

If you’ve stopped by Ecto-Containment in the last week, you probably noticed the black piano theme I’ve been using has been replaced. I’ve been wanting to change the layout again for sometime. I’ve been testing different designs. Depending on when you read this, the design in all likely hood has changed again. For personal, creative, and maybe technologic reasons.

While I’ve been doing that I’ve also been preparing a new content update. I haven’t written a single word of it yet. I have taken, organized, and prepared 23 photos. Which haven’t appeared on Ecto-Containment previously. Anticipation is building! :p

I also have a couple of other timely updates planned. One involves a new Ghostbusters collectible to my collection. The other, a new The Real Ghostbusters review.

From The World Of Ecto-Containment

If you live either in New Jersey or close enough to travel, members of Ghostbusters NJ and myself will be at the Jersey Shore Comic Book Show this Sunday, July 17, 2016. This smaller show runs from 10AM-4 PM. JSCBS is in a regional shore area. One could even visit one of the area boardwalks afterwards. With games, oversized food, and beaches along the Atlantic ocean.

GBNJ will have our mobile HQ (i.e.: 3 tables) with enough equipment, ectoplasm, activities, usually Ghostbusters S.W.A.G to give away, (“the kids love us”) with more to display and share. We also usually have multiple ECTOs right outside.

Source: Computer Technology from 2120.

Episode Review: Partners In Slime


Last week I couldn’t write a review for THE follow up episode to GHOSTBUSTERS II. Which was a bit of a bummer. After writing a review for Something’s Going Around (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, June 19, 2016) I was a little conflicted. Ghostbusters II will always be special to me. Not just because of the movie. It was the experience, and because of who I saw it with in theaters…on Friday, November 3, 1989.

I wrote my review last week like I could get a doctorate from it. I would do no less for Partners In Slime. I didn’t know if I would this month or for early November. I hadn’t seen Partners In Slime in a long time. To celebrate both Ghostbusters II and The Real Ghostbusters I wouldn’t have wanted to wait until November.

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Episode Review: Something’s Going Around


It’s still the 27 anniversary of Ghostbusters II. If you lived in most of the United States in June 1989 you either did or had a chance to see Ghostbusters II in theaters. I’ve told this story a handful of times. For whatever reason Ghostbusters II didn’t premiere in my smaller geographic area of New Jersey until the first week of November 1989. Yes, its possible it had its US premiere same as everywhere else and had a second promoted release closer to Christmas. I feel as a ghosthead who watched The Real Ghostbusters 6 days a week for years, how would I have missed its original marketing?

This would have made a great weekend to then review Partners In Slime. If it hadn’t been for an earlier 5 season episode, (or the fact this character hadn’t ever been in The Real Ghostbusters up to season 5) I probably just would have reviewed Partners In Slime. Continue reading

Hi-C Ecto Cooler Tasting


Magical ink allows cold Ecto Cool to appear as its been slimed!

Earlier in the week I received my order of Ecto Cooler cans (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, June 13, 2016) from Amazon. I thought the following day I’d have my first taste of real (in packaging/branding) Ecto Cooler in at least 25 years. Compared to when I was 8, a few decades later I felt I should wait at least one more day. Both Wednesday and Thursday prior to lunch I was out. When I came back my beverage priority was Coca~Cola.

Today I washed a Coke glass from the era and opened a can of Hi-C Ecto Cooler! :O

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Hi-C Ecto Cooler Primed


Towards the end of April, Hi-C launched their on-line marketing campaign (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, April 25, 2016) for Ecto Cooler return. With a tentative release date on May 30, 2016. Tentative as chain grocery retailers still might not have received the infamous juice box. While many of us, including myself have yet to see the “drink of childhood” in stores, cans are a different story.

Ecto Cooler in its 11.5 ounce can is available at Cinemark, as they seem to be the official move theater for Ghostbusters (2016). If a Cinemark location requires an overnight for you, ghostheads can order from Amazon, (if you’re a prime member) northeast US chain Shop Rite, H-E-B, and coming soon Walmart.

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