Mini Goopers


Kenner’s Ecto-Plazm toys had already reached a crescendo when they created and sold their large Gooper Ghosts. Their’s only so many individual cans of Ecto-Plazm your parents are willing to put up with. In childhood I never had anywhere near as many cans of toy slime as I do in adult hood. I owned more cans of Play-Doh. You know, the less messy play time. They came up with three smaller ghost toys, The Mini Gooper Ghosts,™ Mini Shooter,™ and Mini Traps.™ They could have all come with Ecto-Plazm, but then Mini Goopers wouldn’t be as special.

Let’s meet the Mini Goopers. Just saying that I can imagine the two ecto-plazmic loving ghosts being roommates. The blue ghost with the venus fly trap lips is called Brain Matter.™ Do you suppose that’s the first and last name or the family are the Brain Matters? Can’t you just see their family photo? Brain Matter who reminds me of Krang (the similarity could just be coincidental) is a blue brain ghost who probably isn’t that smart. It also may need glasses if you look at the yellow eyes one second longer then necessary. Brain Matter’s sole purpose is to ingest Ecto-Plazm and squeeze it from its neon pink mouth.

Brain Matter’s friend and the reason their grocery bills are always high is Stomach Stuff.™ Stomach Stuff (no relation to the rest of your stuff) is shaped like a Faberge egg reject. It has one eye which makes sense since its single focus is to put as much slime (1.75oz) as possible in its stomach. Stomach Stuff has rain dropped shaped teeth. It must be more for the illusion of appearing scary as I don’t see Mr. Stuff eating anything else.


I’ve already written more about Mini Goopers™ then Kenner did. Probably because I run a web site and they created simplistic toys that you pour slime into. Both Brain Matter and Stomach Stuff’s top sections come apart. You can then fill each figure’s base with approximately (why waste the one included?) 1.75oz of Kenner’s Ecto-Plazm. If you want to get crazy you can switch the top sections to create hybrid versions (interchangeable) of both Brain Matter and Stomach Stuff. Kenner doesn’t even tell us in the instructions what the figures really do with the toy slime sitting in the bases. As an adult I presume they “ooze” slime. I’m sure kids would have wanted to do more with them. Maybe Mini Goopers should have come with a play mat.


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