Green Ghost


We first met “the ugly little spud” at the Sedgewick Hotel during Ghostbusters. His name during filming was Onion Head because of the smells the ghost would have given off. The name Slimer while appropriate wasn’t named until The Real Ghostbusters aired.

Trivia: Ray considered the Green Ghost a pet at first and gave him the name Slimer in the season 1 episode, Citizen Ghost.

It’s a little curious that Kenner named this figure (along with its plushie the following year) Green Ghost instead of Slimer even though the front of the card informs parents, kids, and collectors 26 years later that Green Ghost is “known as Slimer in the TV series.”


Slimer’s scale to The Real Ghostbusters isn’t as bad as Stay-Puft’s scale to the hero figures. I know when I was 8 I didn’t give it a second of thought. Maybe Slimer had to be so large because of the amount of food it consumes.

For most of us this was our first toy figure which includes food for accessories. Slimer, according to Kenner is the “hungriest of ghosts” and foods like pizza and donuts aren’t safe when he’s around. Except for the pizza, (its the topping) Slimer’s rubber accessories aren’t that unhealthy. A hidden message perhaps? Kenner did mention donuts on the card back and didn’t include any.

Kids and collectors can move its arms and rotate the tail so Slimer can fly, slime Peter, and find those donuts.



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