Gooper Ghost: Green Ghost


Toy Note: My Gooper Ghost: Green Ghost was originally sold in Canada. The front and back of the box have the same graphics, with both English and French writing. The sides are a variant on the back for the US box.


I don’t know why Kenner was still calling Slimer Green Ghost in 1988. Like its carded figure the box reads “known as Slimer in the TV series ‘The Real Ghostbusters’.” Gooper Ghost: Slimer has a modified proton pack (why did he need one?) with two rotating Nutrona Blasters™ and a large plunging button.

When slime (Ecto•Plazm) is emptied into Gooper Ghost: Slimer it can slime a hero figure by pushing down on the proton pack. Ecto-Plasm spills out of Slimer’s mouth sliming any of The Real Ghostbusters as if he was “kissing” them. Similar to Slimer’s affection, particularly towards Peter in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series.


Green Ghost Instructions PDF (5.5 MB)


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