Highway Haunter


In the mid ‘80s Janine had a Volkswagen Beetle which was red in color. Due to ghostly earthquakes (Beneath These Streets) her car was damaged, later to be repaired by Winston and Peter. Unfortunate, perhaps necessary The Real Ghostbusters would damage Janine’s rides over the years. With her insurance premiums up anyway she figured what the heck, why not buy another foreign car, this time a French car known as a Renault 5. (Baby Spookums)

Kenner knew a Le Car could never make for a fun toy. I can imagine talks broke down between Kenner and Renault when this insult, er fact was brought up.

In September 1987 Janine was once again driving a VW Beetle, (It’s a Jungle Out There) pink in color. With her insurance premiums down, Janine could splurge on the custom color by Maaco. For 1988 Kenner and Volkswagen came to a licensing agreement to produce a similar toy car. The ultimate hurt was to stick it to the Le Car and make the VW Beetle yellow.

Toy Fact: Highway Haunter wasn’t sold as a “as seen in The Real Ghostbusters™ TV show.”


From first glance Highway Haunter appears to be The Real Ghostbusters casual ride. When Peter signed the loaned papers, he knew it could double as a second company car. Which is why their yellow VW Beetle’s been modified to hold two proton packs securely in the back. It voids the warranty, The Real Ghostbusters work on their vehicles themselves anyway.

While on a food run, Peter leans his head against the headrest and a monster springs out from underneath! If Peter had read the manual he would have known that pressing either head rest releases the closest we got to a Murray the Mantis figure.

Somehow once they deal with Murray press over the VW’s front body and press the back wheels to put the car back to a driving position. One problem now, the car won’t start. The Real Ghostbusters check the engine and the motor is a ghost! With proton packs in the back, it doesn’t take long to turn this engine over!

With Highway Haunter needing repairs they call Ray and Winston to pick them up with Ecto-1.



One thought on “Highway Haunter

  1. Hi, I need help. My highway haunter doesn’t work anymore, I opened it but it has several loose springs, does anyone have images of how the mechanism should go inside? greetings and thanks.


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