The Real Ghostbusters


The Real Ghostbusters, an animated spin off from Ghostbusters premiered on Saturday, September 13, 1986 on ABC and after in weekly syndication. The Real Ghostbusters ran for 7 seasons until October 22, 1991. The successful animated series was produced by Columbia Pictures, DiC Entertainment, and Coca~Cola. During the ’80s Columbia Pictures was owned by The Coca~Cola Company. Think about it for a moment.

The Real Ghostbusters, instead of just Ghostbusters (because of Filmations animated series titled Ghostbusters) continued the adventures (cartoon characters always have adventures compared to their film counterparts) of Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore, secretary and sometimes Real Ghostbuster Janine Melnitz, and beginning in season 5, Louis Tully.

Joining The Real Ghostbusters from Ghosts ‘R Us and and beyond is Slimer (the “ugly little spud” who had originally been caught by the Ghostbusters at the Sedgewick Hotel; of course was free again at the end of Ghostbusters) hung around the Firehouse, causing mischief, and tagged along with The Real Ghostbusters on their ghostbusting adventures.

More kids then not LOVED Slimer over The Real Ghostbusters themselves. The suits who knew better then a 10 year old who had been a fan since June 8, 1984 spun off the series in 1988 during its 6 season. Now called Slimer! and The Real Ghostbusters with new opening credits, Slimer! is a show wrapped around the original Real Ghostbusters. Compared to The Real Ghostbusters Slimer! has a “simplified” animated style with far less serious story lines for a younger audience. Just like that Slimer had a life of his own, friends, and adversaries.

Anyone who was old enough in 1986 to understand knows The Real Ghostbusters exists because of Ghostbusters. Season 1 episodes, Citizen Ghost and Take Two explain the origins of The Real Ghostbusters, creating a different, yet in a way a consistent continuity. Part of the beginning of Ghostbusters is even shown during Take Two.

Even our favorite environmental bureaucrat Walter Peck returns in the season 3 episode Big Trouble With Little Slimer.

Louis would even join The Real Ghostbusters team in 1989 (Something’s Going Around) as their accountant and tax attorney. No doubt because of Ghostbusters II. Where less then a month into his work he would be The Real Ghostbusters second employee to have a problem with a ghost. (Partners In Slime)

Gozer is mentioned practically anytime The Real Ghostbusters need to understand how powerful the main evil force is during an episode. After Ghostbusters II, during the 5 season episode, Partners In Slime Vigo is referenced.


Episodes from The Real Ghostbusters have been uploaded from Sony to The Official Ghostbusters YouTube Account.



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    • Hi Daniel. My email to inquire is under the Store section of Ecto-Containment.

      Yes, the Kenner Ghost Sweeper and Kenner Ecto-500 are available to purchase. I can ship internationally. If you’d like to buy them, please email me: spengs @ ecto-containment . com (without the spaces)

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