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Matty Collector Courtroom Battle Egon Spengler

For Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Matty Collector displayed, then sold post San Diego Comic Con (GB Inc Blog Post, July 24, 2014) two sets featuring 6″ figures of the Ghostbusters. Which we probably should have had from almost the beginning. Then at a panel during SDCC,… Continue Reading “Matty Collector Courtroom Battle Egon Spengler”

Ecto-Containment Site Updates

If you’ve visited Ecto-Containment in the last couple of weeks you probably noticed I’ve been busy making organizational changes. (Blog post: Jan 5, 2015) Ecto-Containment has become more of a Ghostbusters web site, then an all things The Real Ghostbusters web site. This is… Continue Reading “Ecto-Containment Site Updates”

Sold Out Matty Collector Figures Shipped To Big Lots

Most ghostheads know by now that US retail chain, Big Lots! has and is selling “left over” Mattel/Matty Collector stock. This inventory is original and second run Ghostbusters and MOTUC items which Mattel over produced and later sold as part of a cyber deal… Continue Reading “Sold Out Matty Collector Figures Shipped To Big Lots”

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