Matty Collector Courtroom Battle Egon Spengler


For Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Matty Collector displayed, then sold post San Diego Comic Con (GB Inc Blog Post, July 24, 2014) two sets featuring 6″ figures of the Ghostbusters. Which we probably should have had from almost the beginning. Then at a panel during SDCC, Mattel had announced they had plans (Blog Post, July 24, 2014) for The Real Ghostbusters figures during 2015.

While we still await or quietly forget about whether Matty Collector can or will produce RGB figures, they may have surprised ghostheads by announcing the final figure in the Ghostbusters II ‘courtroom battle’ line. Whether it was financial or something else at the time, Matty didn’t produce that Egon figure. At a time now where different scale and types of Ghostbusters figures are surpassing Mattel, they’re releasing what appears to be a redressed/reused sculpts parts to make up a Egon figure from the Ghostbusters II courtroom scene.

Which seems to make the figure look off and somewhat cheap.

If you’re interested in this of course SDCC 2015 exclusive and standard Mattel marketing here’s the additional information.

Ghostbusters™ Courtroom Battle Egon Spengler™
Do, re, Egon! When the Scoleri brothers make an unscheduled appearance before Judge Wexler, the professor of paranormal dispenses some justice Ghostbusters™ style. This commemorative 6” figure pays tribute to Harold Ramis, who created the character of the serious scientist.

Many of our SDCC products will also be available on at our SDCC After-Party Sale scheduled for 7/27/15 at 9 a.m. PT. We’ll announce the final lists of products and firm up the sale date as we get closer.

No word yet if this so called tribute to Harold Ramis will include a ghost accessory. I don’t think Egon ever used a K.U.D meter.

**Update June 2, 2015**

For those that are interested in this (possibly last of the Matty Collector Ghostbusters figures) Egon “tribute” figure, Matty Collector has this figure’s page up on their web site. I see little difference in the final figure. As it doesn’t come with a ghost accessory (no surprise) Matty supplemented Courtroom ‘Battle’ Egon with multiple smaller accessories. Which besides reminding me Mattel didn’t want to spend more money made me think they could have included a pool table. Would have made more sense.

The pre-order for SDCC is live now. After SDCC the ‘exclusive’ will be available for $30.00 USD. :/

Photo Credit: Matty Collector 

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